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catch basin and Storm Drain Protection options

Seventy percent of all storm drains lead directly to open waterways without the water runoff ever being treated. And not all storm drain catch basins are the same. For this reason, having a variety of hardworking catch basin and storm drain filter styles is essential to help you satisfy compliance requirements and protect street drains and waterways from polluted stormwater runoff.

This polluted runoff can include silt, sediment, debris, trash, phosphorus, oils, and hydrocarbons. The effects of these pollutants on the water systems is significant, as are the imposed regulatory fines, making capturing and filtering these contaminants important. This is where we come in. We carry a wide variety of storm drain catch basin filters that can fit any and all of your storm drain filtering needs.

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catch basin FILTERS

Types of Storm Drain Inlet Filters and How They Work

The most common design for storm drain inlet filters is what's known as an upside down witch's hat. This style of catch basin filter features a large fabric skirt that's made to hang beneath the storm grate and filter stormwater before it flows into the stormwater system. Where each storm drain catch basin filter differs is in what type of media it captures or treats. We carry other styles of under grate stormwater filters as well.

Ultra Catch Basin Filter

The standard Ultra-Drain Guard comes in an oil and sediment model and a trash and debris model. The Ultra-Drain Guard Recycled Model is an environmentally friendly option. One interesting thing about the Ultra-Drain Guard Ultimate Model is its anti-microbial coating. The Ultra Drain Guard Archaea Boom Model is unique in that it is imbedded with oil-eating microbes that activate when exposed to water.

Other catch basin filter styles include the Ultra Drain Guard High Capacity Model and the Ultra Drain Guard Heavy Metal Model. The Ultra HydroKleen is a storm drain filter insert with a choice of up to four types of stormwater treatments available! If you're looking for a drain guard that can size-to-fit storm drains of different sizes then the Ultra Drain Guard Adjustable Frame Model and the Economy Frame Model will be of great interest to you.

  • Ultra Drain Guard
  • Ultra Drain Guard Recycled
  • Ultra Drain Guard Economy Frame
  • Ultra Drain Guard Ultimate
  • Ultra Drain Guard Adjustable Frame
  • Ultra Drain Guard Reusable
  • Ultra Drain Guard High Capacity
  • Ultra Drain Guard Heavy Metal
  • Ultra Drain Guard Archea Boom
  • Ultra HydroKleen

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Storm Drain Protection and Catch Basin Applications

Wherever there's a storm drain taking in water, there needs to be a catch basin filter insert, ready to filter it before it reaches an open waterway. Using the right type of drain guard will make sure you collect the right type of pollutant that you're dealing with. Stormwater runoff from lawns, garages, and construction sites carry with it sediment, silt, oil, and other pollutants. These are perfect places to use storm drain protection catch basin filters.

In order to keep in compliance with Stormwater Management Regulation 40 CFR 122.26, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), you can count on these storm drain catch basin filters. Stop sediment and litter before it becomes a problem in the waterways.

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