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Permanent Containment Booms

Permanent Boom Floating Barrier

Permanent containment booms are a heavy-duty floating barrier option for long-term containment projects. Made to last six times longer than other traditional containment booms, the permanent containment booms offer a strong option for controlling and containing marine debris and trash.

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Permanent Containment Booms Features

  • Urethane Polyester Belting
  • Boom Float: Molded Polyethylene Shell
  • Marine Grade ASTM Connectors

Permanent Containment Booms Benefits

  • Control, Contain, Deflect Marine Debris
  • Long Lasting Floating Debris Control
  • Various Containment Applications

Permanent Boom Details

The permanent containment booms have durable belting and marine grade ASTM connectors for use during extended containment projects. Constructed from a high-tensile strength fabric with strong abrasion and UV resistance, permanent debris boom are able to withstand extended containment boom projects. Sections are available in lengths of 50' and 100'. The ballast material is galvanized stainless steel or lead with a boom float of molded polyethylene shell.

Permanent Boom Specifications

Freeboard 18" (45 cm)
24" (61 cm)
36" (91 cm)
48" (122 cm)
Boom Fabric PVC or Urethane Coated Polyester Belting
Section Length 50' (15 m)
100' (30.4 m)
Floats Molded Polyethylene Shell
Ballast Material Galvanized Stainless Steel or Lead Available

Permanent Boom Floating Barrier Downloads

Permanent Boom Floating Barrier Applications

The permanent containment booms will provide marine debris control support for areas affected by invasive marine plants and species. Once deployed, the permanent floating barrier will contain and collect excess debris. The collected debris can be gathered using trash skimmers, pumps, harvesters, or vacuum trailers. You can also use permanent containment booms for extended oil containment around marinas and harbors.

Permanent Boom Floating Barrier Frequently Asked Questions

The containment boom price will depend on the type of containment you require, the longevity and timeline of your project, and the site conditions you are experiencing. For a more detailed containment boom price, contact our sales team for a free consultation and quote.

Yes, permanent containment booms will control against the influx of seaweed and sargassum. When seaweed blooms send mats of aquatic plants washing up on your shores, a permanent boom deployed offshore will stay in place for an extended period of time, intercepting the sargassum before it reaches your beaches. As the permanent floating barrier traps the sargassum, you can come alongside to collect and dispose of it.

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