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Sediment Curtain and Turbidity Curtain for Sale

Turbidity curtains, which are sometimes called sediment curtains or silt curtains, are designed for turbidity control in bodies of water. They are specifically designed to catch, contain, and control floating silt and sediment in water that causes turbidity. This cloudy water can cause numerous problems for our ecosystems and contributes to erosion and compliance issues for different job sites. We carry a wide variety of turbidity control sediment curtains that will fit your job site's specific needs. To learn more about the turbidity curtain for sale we offer, call 863-261-8388 for a free consultation or Contact Us online to speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists. Our turbidity curtain for sale includes:

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Turbidity Barriers Applications

Depending on your application and location, you will need different types of turbidity barriers to handle the specific water conditions present in your area. Choosing your turbidity barriers or sediment curtain will depend on site conditions and your local government requirements. Consider the wave height and frequency, water speeds and currents, and the duration of your project to determine the type of silt curtain you choose. Turbidity barriers are an essential stormwater best management practice for construction sites and work areas. Friendly turbidity curtain specialists are just a call or click away.

When selecting a turbidity barrier, your application should match the type of sediment curtain you need. Our floating turbidity barriers meet the US Department of Transportation requirements for construction and go beyond the requirements given by the Florida Department of Transportation Erosion and Sediment Control Manual. Our floating turbidity curtain for sale will be a valuable investment as part of the stormwater BMPs on your site.

Turbidity Curtain for Sale : Type 1, 2, and 3

Our product selection of turbidity curtain for sale includes three main types of curtain that apply to a wide variety of situations and work area requirements. Type 1 turbidity curtains are made specifically for calm waters where wave height is minimal and there is no current. We also carry type 2 turbidity curtains for moving water conditions where wave height and current are moderate and water conditions are not calm but not overtly fast. Type 3 turbidity curtains are made specifically for faster, open water conditions that require heavy duty support for turbidity control. For more information, click on our photos below to learn more about how our turbidity curtain for sale options could help you.