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Spill Kits

Oil Spill Containment

Spill kits prepare you for unexpected spills. You can depend on our universal and oil spill kits and other oil spill containment products to swiftly help you handle the spill cleanup process, getting your company and jobsite back to work. Our multitude of spill kits can suit many needs your company is facing. If you can't find a ready-made kit on our site, we can help your company assemble a custom oil spill kit, made to order.

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Spill Kits Features

  • Instructions and Emergency Response Guide
  • Gloves and Safety Goggles
  • Absorbents Relative to Kit Size

Spill Kits Benefits

  • Fast Response to Spills
  • Easy to Follow Guides
  • Kits for Small, Large, and Mobile Spills

Universal and Oil Spill Kit Details

Depending on the size of the universal or oil spill kit—from 10 gallon spill kits to 95 gallon spill kits to even large spill kits—you'll find various absorbents, protective coverings, and tools available at your disposal. Smaller capacity spill kits come in a bag design or a drum design, depending on your need. Bag spill kits work best stored in a vehicle, and drum spill kits are great for workbenches. If you work in a facility and need significant oil spill containment, our larger spill kits will be best for you. Perhaps you often experience spills in hard to reach, remote places in your facility. Our mobile spill kits can be easily transported to these places to clean up the spill and let you get back to work. Interested in a custom spill kit? We can help you when you call us at 1-863-261-8388.

Enpac Spill Kit Specifications (Bag Spill Kits)

Enpac Spill Kits meet regulations for the DOT, EPA NPDES, and the EPA SPCC.

Style Description Absorption (Gallons) Weight(Pounds)
Pack Kit 8" x 17" Universal 5 7
Pack Kit 8" x 17" Aggressive 5 7
Pack Kit 8" x 17" Oil 5 7
Duffle Kit 20" x 9" x 19" Universal 10 13
Duffle Kit 20" x 9" x 19" Agressive 10 13
Duffle Kit 20" x 9" x 19" Oil 10 13

Enpac Spill Kit Specifications (Drum Spill Kits)

Description Absorption (Gallons) Weight(Pounds)
20 Gallon Universal 11 28
20 Gallon Oil Only 11 28
30 Gallon Universal 23 35
30 Gallon Oil Only 23 35

Spill Kits Applications

To determine the correct type and capacity oil spill kit that you will need, you will need to answer several questions. Consider the type of material that you will need to be cleaning once a spill occurs. Is this material hazardous? Could this spill occur outside or in a facility where people are present?

We carry a variety of spill kits that range from oil-only situations, hazmat situations, and universal spills. Oil spill containment and hazardous spill containment is not a one-size-fits-all situation. We understand that everyone's needs are different. A long-haul trucker will need a different size spill kit than a mechanic's shop will need. The great news is that whatever your application and needs, we have the spill kits you need to stay compliant and safe.

Spill Kits Frequently Asked Questions

While we carry an exhaustive list of spill kits for a variety of spills, both in type of liquid and in capacity, we would happy to put together custom, made-to-order spill kits that can fit your facility-specific needs.

Depending on your specific needs, consider the type of liquid that may be spilled, the amount of liquid you deal with, and the location where you are located. An oil spill kit will be specific to clean up hydrocarbons, fuels, and oils when they are spilled or when they leak from drums or machinery. For hazardous liquids, you will require spill kits that can handle hazmat situations and chemicals. If you deal with liquids that don't fall into these previous categories, then you can find a solution in our universal spill kits, ready to tackle any spill you might encounter at your facility.

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