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Storm Drain Barrier and Street Drain Covers

Over the drain debris filters can take on many shapes and sizes, but they're defining feature is that they filter sediment while sitting on top of the storm drain grate. They do not hang inside the storm drain basin, like other catch basin filters. We carry three types of over the drain debris filters: the Ultra Grate Guard, Ultra Grate Guard Plus, and the Ultra Basin Guard. These stormwater management products provide durable protection against sediment-laden and oil-filled stormwater runoff. The over the drain debris filters will help keep you in compliance with Stormwater Management Regulation 40 CFR 122.26, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).

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Ultra Over the Drain Debris Filters

Ultra Grate Guard: Low Profile Drain Grate Covers

Grate Guard

The Ultra Grate Guard completely surrounds the storm drain grate with a high-strength, woven polypropylene filter fabric. The Ultra Grate Guard comes in a sediment-only model and an oil and sediment model, by adding an oil-absorbent pillow into the grate guard. The low-profile, unobtrusive Ultra Grate Guard can be installed without having to fully remove the storm drain grate. The grate will only need to be lifted to one side, so the grate guard can slide over it.

  • Easy Installation, Flat Grate Catch Basin Design
  • Sediment and Sediment-Oil Models
  • Low-Profile, Out-of-the-Way of Design

Ultra Grate Guard Plus: Debris Filter Protection

Over the Drain Debris Filter

The Ultra Grate Guard Plus offers over the drain debris and sediment protection. The woven polypropylene drain filter is installed on top of storm drain grates without any need of lifting the storm drain grate. The Ultra Grate Guard Plus filters sediment, silt, and larger debris. The grate guard comes with overflow ports in the event of a heavy rainfall event. The durable, rust resistant fabric will hold up under harsh, outdoor conditions. For more information on Ultra Grate Guard Plus installation requirements, see the product page.

  • Durable, Vibrant Woven Polypropylene Material
  • Outfitted with Overflow Ports
  • One-Size-Fits-Most Design

Ultra Basin Guard: High Profile Drain Grate Cover

Basin Guard

The Ultra Basin Guard offers high profile storm drain protection when you need it most. Where other over the drain debris filters boast a low-profile design that is unobtrusive and out-of-the-way, the Ultra Basin Guard tips the scales and offers highly visible storm drain protection. This is perfect for construction sites that want to make everyone aware of a protected storm drain. The 18" high walls of the Ultra Basin Guard will alert foot traffic and vehicular traffic to avoid the area that is being protected from polluted stormwater runoff.

  • Highly Visible for Vehicles on Construction Sites
  • Non Woven Geotextile Material
  • Sediment and Oil Filtration

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Storm Drain Product Accessories for Success

Over the Drain Debris Filters

Additional storm drain product accessories will aid in the success of your stormwater management plan. Accessories and tools like the Ultra Grate Lifter and the Ultra Grate Hook, will make lifting storm drain grates fast, safe and easy. Lifting the drain grates is often necessary with over the drain debris filters. Other accessories include the Ultra Sampling Pole and Universal Water Sampling Testing Kit. These two products help you document the site's compliance to satisfy National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)' s testing requirements.

Other Catch Basin Filters that Go Under the Grate

We've focused on the over the drain debris filters here, but we also carry an extensive list of catch basin filters that hang in the catch basin, filtering oil, sediment, and other chemicals. With 10 styles of catch basin filters, you can be sure that you'll find the type of stormwater filtration you're looking for and the solution to your SWPPP. Some of the styles we carry include the Ultra Drain Guard Recycled Model, which is made from Ultra-Filter-Tex material, capable of excellent oil-absorption, and we carry both models of the Adjustable Frame Drain Guard, which will adjust to fit virtually any size storm drain. For more information on the other storm drain guards we carry, like the Ultimate Model, the High-Capacity Model, the Archaea Boom Model, and the Reusable Model, see our Catch Basin Filter overview page.

Spill Protection Products to Completely Block a Drain

Maybe you want to completely block a vulnerable storm drain in the event of a spill. In that case, you might consider our assortment of storm drain blockers, which includes drain plugs and barriers. The Ultra Spill Berm and Ultra Spill Berm Plus offer a barrier wall for drains. The Ultra Drain Seal comes in three distinct models: the Ultra Drain Seal, Ultra Drain Seal Plus, and the Clear Ultra Drain Seal. For more information on the types of drain spill protection we offer, see our Storm Drain Spill Protection Page.

These over the drain debris filters will assist you in staying in compliance with stormwater regulations, EPA regulations, SWPP plans, and other pollution control requirements. For more information on how you can best use storm drain products and accessories, you can give our sales team a call at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us.

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