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Containment Boom for Floating Debris, Plastic Pollution, and Oil Spills

Containment boom are designed for the containment, deflection, and exclusion of floating debris, plastic pollution, and even oil or hydrocarbon spills. When debris control is needed in different types of water and work locations, we have the boom product selection you need to stay in compliance and clean up any river water pollution, open ocean oil spill, or calm water plastic pollution clean up project. No matter your need, our containment boom and oil spill boom specialists are available to answer your questions whenever you have them. See our full line of Floating Boom options! Debris Boom Line Card. For more information on our containment boom, call 863-261-8388 for a free consultation or Contact Us online to speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.

  • Calm Water Containment Boom
  • Moving Water Containment Boom
  • Open Water Containment Boom
  • Permanent Boom
  • Oil Spill Booms
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Debris Control Applications with Floating Boom

Containment boom or floating boom for debris control can be used for a variety of applications and in a plethora of locations. When floating trash or floating debris is plaguing your beachside property, we have a floating boom that can help. If you need a floating boom for demarcation in a body of water, we can help you with that as well. Controlling aquatic plants and seaweed is no problem for our debris booms. Controlling plastic pollution in your area can help the rest of the world limit the effects of plastic pollution on animals and ecosystems. If you must clean up an oil, fuel, or contaminant spill, our oil spill boom will be there for you. These environmental protection barriers are the solution for containment. Floating booms need to be maintained and checked regularly, but once they are installed, they will work to contain debris and pollutants in a variety of water conditions. Our containment boom will fit whatever site conditions you may be experiencing. A free quote is just a call or click away.

Containment Boom to Conquer Plastic Pollution

Our product selection of containment boom covers numerous floating water pollution situations. For example, our floating debris booms or trash net debris boom help to keep a recreational swimming area clean. Our heavy-duty boom can be used for longer term containment in open waters. Our permanent containment boom and heavy-duty containment boom provide unparalleled debris control in water up to six times longer than traditional boom. Our aquatic plant boom and steel mesh boom keep your area clear of floating plants, giving you debris control during seasonal periods of sargassum and spring blossoms. If your location struggles with river water pollution, you will benefit from our moving water containment boom.