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Dewatering Bags – Large, Small & Custom Sizes

Large Dewatering Bags, small sludge filtration bags and everything in between – we have them at best prices and they ship fast to you. Use dewatering bags to filter water when draining stormwater from a work site or construction location to keeping your site in compliance and avoiding costly fines. Filtration bags trap and filter out silt, dirt, debris and other pollutants allowing only the water to escape on the ground or in nearby storm drains. Made of a strong geotextile, large dewatering bags are able to withstand the harsh conditions of most dewatering project sites. Dewatering bags are economical, long lasting, and an effective solution for filtering site discharge. See the short video below on what a dewatering bag is and how they work.

Filter sediment bags, oil and sediment dewatering bags, and reusable dewatering sediment bags are all practical dewatering products for achieving the dewatering process on work sites. Simply select the style needed and the size. Our experts are happy to help answer any questions you have.


Sediment Dewatering Bags

Reusable Dewatering Bags

Oil/Sediment Geo Dewatering Bags

How do dewatering bags work?

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Versatile Dewatering Filter Sediment Bags Applications

Dewatering filter sediment bags are used in a variety of locations and for multiple applications. Available in a range of sizes from small to large, sediment dewatering bags work well for most dredging and sediment separation. You can use geotextiles for dewatering on construction sites, job sites, wastewater treatment plants, and any other location where staying in compliance with federal and state stormwater regulations is required.

Reusable Dewatering Products

Reusable dewatering products are an economical solution for dewatering projects on a tight budget. If you have multiple dewatering sites, having a reusable dewatering bag is a great option. While it is convenient to use disposable dewatering bags, they are only good for one time use and then must be discarded. With a reusable dewatering bag, you have the convenience of a heavy-duty geotextile dewatering bag designed for multiple use. See below for more benefits of a reusable dewatering bag.

  • Made For A Range Of Locations
  • Economical Products For A Variety Of Jobs
  • Can Be Used Repeatedly
  • Easily Moved From One Locations To Another

Dewatering Bag and Dewatering Product Selection for Filtering Jobs

Our dewatering filter product selection features standard and custom sized dewatering bags that can handle sediment, oil and sediment, and are reusable on multiple dewatering project locations. We also carry other dewatering products like geotextile tubes and silt socks for a variety of dewatering projects, both small and large. Dewatering bags are made of nonwoven geotextile, designed to filter site runoff and discharge. Geotextile tubes are made of stronger woven geotextile and are used with larger dewatering projects such as wastewater treatment plants. See: Full List of Dewatering Solutions

For smaller, less involved dewatering jobs, a silt sock is used to filter contaminants directly from a pipe or hose. Dewatering bags can handle substantial dewatering needs for job sites. Geotextile tubes are most often used for large dewatering jobs like dredging projects and higher flow project requirements. For more information on silt bags for dewatering, Contact Us or call us at 863-261-8388.

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