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Coconut Fiber Products for Erosion Control

Coconut coir are all-natural fibers that are used in the filling and netting of erosion control products like coir logs, coir mats, and some types of coir blanket. These erosion control products offer biodegradable, natural erosion control for environmentally sensitive areas. Some of the most common, well-known coconut coir products are erosion control coir mats. These can used on steep, medium, and low-level slopes to control erosion. Coir logs are more widely known coconut fiber products that can be used in a variety of locations that have moving water, steep slopes, or environmentally sensitive requirements.

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Coconut Coir Erosion Control Applications

Coconut coir erosion control products can be used in a variety of locations for different projects. The coir blanket can be used for slope stabilization and to stabilize banks. The coir log can be used for slope runoff control and erosion control. These coconut fiber products can even be used in streams with running water. Coir logs and coir mats can be seeded to allow for vegetation to take root in locations that need natural erosion control established. This vegetation will allow your location to have natural erosion control for years to come, which will limit the effects of future erosion like mudslides.

Coconut coir erosion control products are perfect for locations that must use ecofriendly products. These sensitive locations could include beaches, wetlands, protected environmental parks, and other areas. Coir logs are perfect for riverbanks and coastal erosion. Coir mats are great for soil erosion on hills and knolls. They are easily installed with biodegradable stakes by one or more people, and do not have to be removed later.

Coir Logs, Coir Mats, and Coir Blanket Products

Our coconut coir product selection is equipped to meet your erosion control needs, whatever your work area or location conditions may be. Use a coir log on a slope to stop the effects of erosion control. Install a coir blanket to introduce vegetation and to provide natural erosion control methods into your area. Coconut fiber products are durable, natural erosion control solutions that can stand up to harsh environmental conditions. Coir coconut fiber products will naturally biodegrade in 2-5 years, depending on site conditions.