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Spill Berm Accessories You Need for Compliance

Spill containment berm accessories help to prolong the life and general use of your spill containment berms. As with all great accessories, using these with your spill berm will make your job easier, and hopefully keep you in better compliance with EPA and SPCC regulations. We provide spill berm accessories to you for this exact reason: to make sure that you can stay in compliance with the most effective tools for longer periods of time. You can see below our most popular spill berm accessories with a brief description.

If you're looking for more information on the types of spill containment we offer, you can see our Spill Containment page or our Spill Containment Berms page.

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Spill Berm Accessories: Spill Berm Repair Kit

Spill Berm Repair Kit ats like a first-aid kit for your spill berm. The Spill Berm Repair Kit contains everything you need for basic field repairs while minimizing the down time that you might experience as a result of punctures or tears. The Ultra Spill Berm Repair Kit extends the life of your spill berm and comes to the rescue when accidental damage occurs. Minimize downtime from damage with the Ultra Spill Berm Repair Kit.

  • Complete Kit for Berm Repair
  • Minimize Downtime After Damaged to Berm
  • Customized to Match Your Berm's Material
  • Portable Emergency Repair Kit
  • Extend Berm's Use Life

Spill Berm Repair Kit Video

Spill Berm Accessories: Spill Berm Track Belt & Protective Ground Tarp

Spill Berm Track Belt and Protective Ground Tarp provide you with all-around protection for both the topside and underside of the spill containment berm. The Ultra Track Belts sit on top of your spill containment berm and protect it from tires and vehicles that enter your spill containment berm. These Track Belts are particularly useful for Drive Over Spill Berms that deal with heavy vehicular traffic on a jobsite. The Ground Tarp or Ground Cloth protects the underside of your spill containment berms from any debris that could puncture or tear it, resulting in a loss of containment and compliance.

  • Durable PVC and PVC Blend Materials
  • Protection Above and Below the Spill Berm
  • Track Belts: 30" Wide Sections
  • Protects Against Heavy Vehicles and Tires

Spill Berm Accessories: Spill Berm Hose Bridge

Spill Berm Hose Bridge supports fuel and discharge hoses in spill containment areas. A versatile product, the Ultra Hose Stand works with hoses that diameters of 6 ½" and can be used inside the spill berm, outside the spill berm, or straddling the spill containment wall. The Ultra Hose Stand supports hoses so they don't have to rest on the sidewalls of the spill berms themselves. If you do allow hoses to rest on the sidewalls, then the sidewalls could become compromised or damaged causing your containment berm to falter, forcing you out of compliance with EPA and SPCC regulations.

  • Hose Stand Made of Polyurea
  • Stands 23.3 Inches Tall
  • Supports Fueling Hoses and Discharge Hoses
  • Keeps Sidewalls From Having to Hold Hoses

Spill Berm Accessories: Ultra Self Bailer

The Ultra Self Bailer is the perfect spill berm accessory for non-monitored spill containment sites that are outdoors and often have rainwater falling into spill berms. The Ultra Self Bailer is attached to any spill containment unit, usually through the bulkhead fitting. As rainwater falls into the berm and drain through the bulkhead fitting as residual oil, gas or other hydrocarbons is caught and removed by the filter media inside the unit so that clean water only exits the spill containment berm. In the event of a larger spill, the filter media will swell, preventing any liquid from escaping until the spill can be dealt with.

  • Eliminates Unwanted Rainwater Collection in Berms
  • PVC Construction – Won't Rust or Corrode
  • Filters Are Easily Changed and Replaced
  • Auto-Shut Off Valve for Large Spills

Ultra Self Bailer Spill Berm Video

Find the Type of Spill Containment Berm You Need Here

Spill containment berms come in all shapes, uses, and applications. We carry a wide variety of spill containment berms with options to fit specific jobsite needs and budgets. Our Drive Over Spill Berms allow vehicles and machinery out on the field to drive in and out of the spill containment area without having to raise or lower the walls. The Tank Secondary Containment Spill Berms are great for machinery, tanks, totes, and drums that will not be moving out of the spill containment very often. Made for stationary, long-term spill containment, the Tank Secondary Containment Berms are rugged and vary in price. Specialty Spill Containment Berms are made for the unique spill containment requirements—both large and small. We carry spill berms for railroads, wellheads, construction sites and more.

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