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Geotextile Tubes

Dewatering Tubes for Filtration

Geotextile tubes, also called dewatering tubes, are the perfect dewatering product for large dewatering filtration or sludge removal projects. Geotextile tubes have significantly larger dimensions and a higher strength woven geotextile fabric, compared to dewatering bags.

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Geotextile Tube Features

  • Woven geotextile fabric
  • Lengths are 50'-250'
  • Fills to 85% capacity

Geotextile Tube Benefits

  • Requires minimal equipment
  • Simple design and operation
  • 24/7 usage with minimal labor

Geotextile Dewatering Tube Product Details

Our geotextile dewatering tube design allows very large amounts of sludge and silt to be removed without having to change or replace the dewatering product. Lengths vary from 50'-250', with circumferences ranging from 15'-90' with filling ports every 50'. Geotextile tubes are the largest dewatering product that we offer.

Geotextile Tubes work best when filled to 85% capacity with sludge and sediment that is then allowed to consolidate. Once the consolidation has taken place then geotextile tubes are refilled, and that cycle continues until the solids reach 85% capacity. Best results are achieved when the dewatering tube is left in place for extended periods. After the sludge or sediment removal process is complete the material can then be removed and transported to an off-site location or used as fill or compost.

Geotextile Dewatering Tube Specifications

Circumference 15' 22.5' 30' 45' 60' 75' 90'
Tube Volume 0.6 y³/LF 1.3 y³/LF 2.3 y³/LF 4.1 y³/LF 6.2 y³/LF 8.3 y³/LF 10.1 y³/LF

Geotextile Tubes Applications

With its large capacity and high strength, the One Clarion geotextile tubes are used for many applications in many industries. A few of these include wastewater treatment plants, agricultural ponds, aquaculture facilities, paper mills, and industrial lagoons.

Geotextile tubes are used in dredging projects to filter sludge materials. Dredging prevents sludge and mud buildup, which allows boats and ships to navigate safely through canals and rivers. It also prevents flooding. Geotextile tubes are perfect for filtering the sludge and sediment from waterways.

One Clarion geotextile tubes can also be used to prevent beach erosion when used as a breakwater along the coastline. It interrupts the force of the waves which prevents the beach from eroding. The dewatering tube is filled with sand and takes the impact of the wave preventing it from washing the beach sand out to sea.

Geotextile Tubes Frequently Asked Questions

Dewatering tubes are available in much larger sizes for bigger dewatering jobs. They also use a high strength woven geotextile fabric, while a dewatering bag typically uses non woven geotextile fabric.

After initial set up, the tube will run 24/7 with minimum labor required.

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