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Dewatering Products for Drainage and Dredging Projects

Dewatering bags, dewatering socks, and geotextile tubes – we offer dewatering products that are quality made, at best prices, with helpful customer service, and ready to ship to you. Call us today! Our selection of dewatering products provides ideal solutions for removing silt and sediment from construction sites, dredging projects and other jobsites. The nonwoven geotextile fabric filters water, retaining the sediment and sludge while releasing the clean water. Our line of dewatering products includes standard sizes of dewatering bags, dewatering socks, and dewatering tubes, as well as built to order custom options too. Determining the right product for your needs depends on site conditions:

  • Volume of Liquid
  • Type of Sediment or Silt
  • Pump Flow Rate

We can help you determine the best dewatering products for your jobsite. Browse our selection of dewatering filtration solutions and Contact Us or call 863-261-8388 to find out what dewatering filtration solution is right for your project.

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Dewatering Filtration Applications

When it comes to dewatering filtration applications, these dewatering solutions are used on construction sites, project job sites, wastewater treatment plants, roadside dredging jobs, lagoons, and more. We carry standard dewatering bags that filter both oil and sediment, dewatering socks for small jobs and geotextile tubes for wastewater treatment plants, dewatering lagoons, and large-scale sludge removal. We also carry reusable dewatering bags for a more economical solution for dewatering projects.

Ultra Oil and Sediment Dewatering Bag

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Dewatering Filtration Products Variety

Depending the volume of liquid, the type of contaminant, whether silt, sediment, or oil, and the pump flow rate, your choice of drainage and dewatering methods is important. For smaller dewatering jobs with low flow rates, dewatering socks are the best choice. Designed to attach to the ends of discharge pipes to catch sediment and filter water, they are a quick and easy option. If you are on a tight budget, a reusable dewatering bag is a great dewatering filtration choice. You can reuse the same bag multiple times, meaning fewer filtration bags for several projects. For higher flow rates, geotextile dewatering tubes are the largest dewatering filtration solutions available. Constructed of stronger woven geotextile fabrics, are perfect for large dewatering filtration or sludge removal projects. Check out all of our dewatering products:

The success of your dewatering project is our goal and priority. Let us help you find the best drainage and dewatering methods on the market right now. Call us at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us today.