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Choose Your Drive Over Spill Berm

Drive over spill containment berms come in many shapes and forms. Each one has its own unique benefits and advantages and many of them share benefits. But, if you're feeling confused about which drive-through spill containment berm would be best for you, don't worry. We'll walk you through the guide to choosing the perfect drive-through spill containment berm for you.

If you'd prefer to choose a drive-over spill containment using our infographic, you can use the Drive Through Spill Containment Berm Selection Guide (PDF). For more information on the other spill berms we offer, you can Contact Us or Call Us at 863-261-8388.

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Drive Over Spill Containment Berms

The Drive-Through Spill Containment Berms we carry are the Modular Model, Stake Wall Model, Foam Wall Model, Rapid Rise Model, and Ultimate Model. The selection of drive-through spill containment berms offer unique benefits in budgets, sidewall height, accessibility, and convenience. Below you will find descriptions of the features and benefits of each of the drive-over spill containment berms.

First, consider your budget:

The three most budget-friendly drive-over spill containment berms are the Foam Wall Model, Rapid Rise Model, and Ultimate Model. All these models allow vehicles and machinery to drive through the berm for spill containment during repairs, maintenance, or for storage.

Next, consider wall height preferences:

All three models have differing wall heights. For spill containment with walls that are greater than 12 inches, the Foam Wall Model is the best option. For spill containment walls that are 12 inches, you could choose from the Rapid Rise Model or the Ultimate Model.

Do your sidewalls need to stay lowered?

If not, then the Ultimate Model Spill Berm is the one for you. It comes equipped with walls that spring back into place after vehicles drive over them. If you need ease of accessibility and do not want sidewalls to be in your way when completing maintenance tasks, then the Rapid Rise Model is your best choice.

Back to budget:

If budget is not of your chief concern, then you could choose from the Modular 'Gorilla' Berm or the Stake Wall Berm Model. The main difference between the two? The modular sidewalls. The Gorilla Berm has modular walls and can be resized to fit whatever dimensions you need the berm to be. The Stake Wall Model comes equipped with a "living hinge" at its base that allows the collapsed sidewalls to spring back automatically and quickly.

Below you'll find more in-depth descriptions of each of the Drive-Through Spill Containment Berms we provide. For more information that is not listed here about each product, give us a call at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us.

Drive-Over Spill Berm: Foam Wall Model & Foam Wall Plus Model

The Foam Wall Model Drive-Through Spill berm provides low-profile spill containment for vehicles and trucks to drive in and out of. The soft foam sidewall provides containment for smaller spills, leaks, and drips. The low, 4 inch sidewalls provide convenience of loading and off-loading and are easy to set up and deploy. The Foam Wall Spill Berm Plus Model gives you the ability to replace the foam wall inserts as they become damaged.

  • 2-Inch or 4-Inch Foam Sidewalls
  • Available in Copolymer 2000 or PVC Material
  • No Set-Up, Easy to Install
  • Convenient for Small Spills

Foam Wall Spill Berm Video

Drive-Over Spill Berm: Rapid Rise Model

The Rapid Rise Model of the Ultra Containment Berm has sidewalls that stay out of your way when there are no spills. The foam ring around the top of the containment walls will rise with spilled and leaking liquid. Otherwise, they allow you to easily drive vehicles and machinery in and out, perform maintenance and repairs, and safely store IBCs, 55-gallon drums, and frac tanks.

  • Sidewalls: Foam and Built in Struts, 1 Foot in Height
  • Material: Copolymer 2000
  • Place Unrolled Berm, Unfold, and Being Spill Containment
  • Quick and effective, self-rising spill containment

Rapid Rise Spill Berm Video

Drive-Over Spill Berm: Stake Wall Model

The Stake Wall Model allows trucks and other vehicles to drive over it easily. The flexible polyurethane stakes allow the sidewalls to spring back into place automatically. The flexible stakes can be bent in either direction, making it perfect for spill containment on jobsites with heavy traffic. Vertical sidewall supports are located ever 12 inches. Sidewalls are 1 foot tall.

  • "Living Hinge" Flexible Sidewalls
  • Easily Folds for Transport, No Set-Up Requires
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Effectively Captures Leaks and Spills

Collapsible Spill Containment Spill Berm Video

Drive-Over Spill Berm: Ultimate Model

Similar to the Stake Wall Model spill berm, the Ultimate Model Spill Berm has the flexible "living hinge" openings at either end of the Drive-Over Spill Berm with both long sidewalls supported with PVC sidewall assemblies. This provides you with durable, effective protection against spills for OBCs, vehicles, equipment, frac tanks, and other large containers.

  • Economical, Convenient Spill and Leak Protection
  • Flexible Spill Berm Entrance and Exit
  • Material: Copolymer 2000 or other Material
  • 12 Inch Side Walls

Ulitmate Model Spill Berm Video

Drive-Over Spill Berm: Modular 'Gorilla' Model

The Modular 'Gorilla' Drive-Over Spill Berm can do what other spills cannot. This drive-through spill berm can change its dimensions to suit whatever spill requirements you might have. The berm is made from triangular-shaped, polymer-coated foam support blocks covered with 22 oz., antiskid, coated vinyl fabric. This true drive-in, drive-out spill containment berm allows you to enter and exit the spill berm easily.

  • Material: Triangular, Polymer Coated Foam Block
  • 22 oz. Coated Vinyl Fabric
  • Slots for Rebar (Not Included) for Support
  • Sidewall Height: 6 Inches

'Gorilla' Modular Spill Berm Video

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