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Storm Drain Inlet Protection Products

Stormwater protection products support your stormwater pollution protection plan by enhancing the performance of your storm drain guards and other stormwater BMP's. Options are also available to make the installation of stormwater filtration products faster and easier. The storm drain products include: Drain marker, Grate lifter, Grate hook, Universal sampler, Testing kit, Drain Guard Retainers, Phosphorus filter powder, and Ultra-Filter-Tex filtration fabric. Couple these accessories with your stormwater filtration products to ensure compliance on the jobsite.

Whether you're using Catch basin filters, Curb inlet filters, Combination drain filters, Trench drain filters, or Drain seals and plugs, these storm drain filter products can make installation easier and boost performance. Storm drain filter accessories perform a variety of functions. The Grate Lifter and Grate Hook assist in installation. The Universal Sampler and the Testing Kit assist in testing stormwater for pollutants to ensure that storm drain guards are working properly.

Let us help you find the perfect stormwater protection product for your jobsite. We carry a variety of storm drain products and accessories, and we understand that selecting the right one can sometimes be intimidating. More detailed information on each product is listed below, but you are more than welcome to call us at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us for assistance or pricing.

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Stormwater Filtration Products Accessories

Universal Sampler

Ultra Stormwater Sampling Pole

The Universal Sampler helps you prove just how effective and compliant your storm drain guard really is. In order to satisfy compliance assurance and documentation, you will need to prove the effectiveness of your storm drain guard at stopping sediment and other pollutants from entering the waterways. However, collecting the water sample can be difficult laborious and time consuming, particularly when you have to lift the storm drain grate. The Universal Sampler solves that problem. The Universal Sampler is very easy to use and doesn't require lifting storm drain grates when collecting samples. Simply insert the end of the device through the drain grate to scoop up the sample. Use the Testing Kit (below) to document the results.

Testing Kit/Sampling Kit

Straw Blanket

The Testing Kit is a convenient way to test the water that you collect from your storm drain basin. In a handy and easy to carry case, the kit includes everything you need to verify the results of your stormwater bmp, and will help you document your site's compliance. Use it wherever stormwater quality verification is needed, whether with stormwater drains, dewatering or silt socks, or with turbidity curtain. The kit includes: a turbidity meter, a pH meter, a pH and Turbidity Meter Calibration Solution, a durable case, a data book, lint-free wipes, and nitrile gloves.

Drain Guard Retainers

Turbidity Testing Kit

Drain Guard Retainers are heavy duty and help your Ultra Storm Drain Guard stay in place. Drain guard retainer bars make installation of the drain guard filter easier. And more importantly, they prevent the catch basin filter from falling back into the basin when the grate is lifted for servicing. Drain Guard Retainers will work with a variety of Ultra Drain Guards.

Phos Filter

Ultra Phos

To effectively and safely remove phosphorous from stormwater, you need the Phos Filter. Stormwater runoff, wastewater, ponds, ditches, farms and other locations can be laden with phosphorous. Ultra Phos is a filtration media (in granule form) that is uniquely engineered to retain up to 1 ½ times its weight in phosphorous and has been shown to remove over 90 percent of phosphorus from water.

Ultra-Filter-Tex Fabric

Ultra Filter Tex Fabric

Ultra-Filter-Tex fabric is a state-of-the-art, high performance absorbent and filter fabric for stormwater management and oil spill cleanup. Filter-Tex material is hydrophilic and will allow water to pass through while oil is pulled out of it. Filter-Tex fabric has a variety of uses and applications, including for use in storm drains or trench trains for sediment and oil filtration.

Storm Drain Marker

Storm Drain Marker

The Ultra Drain Marker alerts and educates passersby to the presence of a storm drain, but also that it leads to open waterways. This is important, as educating the public on how they can reduce water pollution can reduce the volume of trash and debris over time. The Drain Marker is made from durable, heavy-duty plastic that will not rust or corrode over time. While other drain markers are made from metal or are simply spray paint on concrete, they are time consuming to install, and require maintenance for visibility. However, the Ultra Drain Marker is fast and easy to install, environmentally friendly, durable, and long-lasting. Best of all, it's very affordable.

Grate Lifter

Grate Lifter

A popular favorite, the Grate Lifter not only minimizes the amount of time it takes to install stormwater filtration products (such as a catch basin filter) or to service a stormwater catch basins, it also protects your crew's welfare. By making it faster to lift the drain grate and get the job done, it reduces the amount of time that your crew is exposed to dangerous traffic. Also, this lifting device is ergonomically designed, and will help prevent injury by reducing the physical strain of lifting the heavy grate. The steel construction of the grate lifter is designed to safely lift storm drain grates and can lift up to 400 pounds. It comes in a convenient two-piece carrying case.

Grate Hook

Grate Hook

Similar to the Grate Lifter, the Grate Hook is made to help you easily storm drain grates for storm drain guard installation. The Grate Hook is a simple, but effective tool. All you need to do is insert the hook portion of the tool underneath the grate, grasp the easy-to-hold handle, and lift. These are economical, making them a standard tool. Every storm drain service vehicle should be equipped with one.

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Storm Drain Inlet Protection Products

Stormwater Protection Products

Storm drain inlet protection products like those mentioned above will greatly enhance your stormwater catch basin filters, curb inlet filters, combination drain filters, trench drain filters, and drain seals or plugs. These storm drain products and accessories are available as add-ons when you purchase any of the below items, or for individual purchase as well.

These storm drain products will assist you in staying in compliance with stormwater regulations, EPA regulations, SWPP plans, and other pollution control requirements. For more information on how you can best use storm drain products and accessories, you can give our sales team a call at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us.

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