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Ultra Drain Guard Retainer Bars

Retainer Guards to Hold the Drain Guard

Ultra Drain Guard Retainer Bars are designed to hold drain guards in place for best stormwater compliance, while also making installation faster and safer for your crew by minimizing their time exposed to street traffic. Additionally, the retainer bars facilitate faster and safer maintenance of the Ultra Drain Guard Catch Basin Insert once in use.

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Ultra Drain Guard Retainers Features

  • Steel Coated Retainer Bars
  • Telescoping Retainers Adjust to Fit Square Storm Drains
  • For Use with All Drain Guards (Sold Separately)

Ultra Drain Guard Retainers Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Makes Installation and Removal Easy
  • Secure Drain Guard From Falling in Catch Basin

Sewer Storm Drain Retainer Bar Details

The Ultra Drain Guard Retainer Bars will hold your Ultra Drain Guard in place, ensuring that it won't fall into the catch basin. Without using the retainer bars, the material from the drain guard is held in place by simply pinching it under the weight of the storm drain grate. While this is perfectly acceptable, it creates a challenge when the time comes to remove the drain guard. By placing the Ultra Drain Guard Retainers through the built-in lifting straps, you'll be able to easily lift a full drain guard out of a catch basin. The Ultra Drain Guard Retainers telescope to fit most common sizes of storm drains. Drains that don't fit within these two ranges: 22"-36" and 36"-62" will not work with the retainers. Before deciding on the Ultra Drain Guard Retainers, lift the storm drain grate and see if your storm drain has a ledge on all four sides. Additionally, make sure the bottom of the storm drain grate will not impede the Ultra Drain Guard Retainers. If the storm drain grate has a rib underneath, it may prevent use of the retainers.

Typically, the Ultra Drain Guards are held in place by pinching the material between the storm drain grate and the catch basin, and trimming the excess. The weight of the drain sewer storm drain grate holds the filter firmly above the catch basin. However, when servicing the catch basin, it is easy for the sediment-filled sewer drain filter to fall to bottom of the catch basin once the grate is lifted. This makes it more difficult and strenuous to remove, clean or replace. With Ultra Retainer Bars, the Drain Guard stays in place even after the storm drain grate has been removed. Full reusable, they can be used with nearly all the Ultra Drain Guard styles.

Ultra Drain Guard Retainers Specs

Part Number Ultratech 9237 Ultratech 9238
Quantity Set of 2 Set of 2
Dimensions in. (mm) 22-36 (559 x 915) 36–62 (915 x 1,575)

Retainer Bars Downloads

Ultra Drain Guard Catch Basin Insert Retainers & Applications

Ultra Drain Guard Retainers were designed with you in mind. While you don't need them to properly use your Ultra Drain Guard, they will certainly make installation and removal easier. First, remove the storm drain grate. You can easily accomplish this with one of our grate lifting products. The Ultra Grate Lifter allows you to lift a storm drain grate by yourself, and the Ultra Grate Hook is a smaller grate lifting device you can use. Once the storm drain grate is removed, get your Ultra Drain Guard Retainers and extend them until they reach the desired size, slip them through the handling straps of the Ultra Drain Guard and place the drain guard into the catch basin, ensuring that the flat edge of the retainer comes in contact with the ledge of the storm drain and extends to fit the entire square storm drain opening. Once finished, replace the storm drain grate.

Sewer Storm Drain Retainer Bar FAQs

Well, we love the way that the Ultra Drain Guard Retainer can telescope to fit virtually any square storm drain. There are no notches, holes, or pins that force you into any particular size for the product, so one size fits most. The bars slide freely within themselves, extending to meet your desired length.

The Ultra Drain Guard Retainers were made to pair perfectly with every Ultra Drain Guard that has handling straps. The exception would be the Adjustable Frame and Economy Frame models as those are designed to secure the drain guard in the catch basin with a built-in frame.

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