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Heavy Duty Spill Containment Barriers

Specialty spill containment barriers encompass a wide variety of often overlooked spill containment applications. In addition to Drive-Over Spill Containment Berms and Tank Spill Containment Berms, we also carry spill containment barriers for railroad spills, railcars, oil and gas wellheads, construction site washout applications, and the everyday spills that can happen on jobsites and facility grounds.

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Specialty Spill Containment Berm: Wellhead Spill Berm

When you need full, 360-degree protection for your oilfield and gas wellheads, the Ultra Wellhead Spill Berm is the durable containment berm you need. With this wellhead protection berm, you will capture leaks, spills and drips that could occur. The heavy-duty Copolymer-2000 material can withstand the harsh conditions that an oilfield can have. The material is built to last and forms an impermeable barrier between the well and the ground beneath. The wellhead berm hood (22 oz. PVC) securely wraps around the wellhead with a drawstring and hook and loop closure.

  • 2-Inch or 4-Inch Foam Sidewalls
  • Copolymer 2000 and 22 oz. PVC Material
  • 360 Degree Protection for Wellheads
  • Weighted Perimeter for Easy Installation and Security

Specialty Spill Containment Berm: Railroad Track Berms

Railroad track berms are temporary, portable spill containment solutions for railroad cars, trains, and railroads. The Ultra Track Berm is lightweight yet made of heavy duty 40 oz. PVC material. Capable of being moved by one person, the Ultra Track Berm is a great solution for the leaks and drips that can occur from railcars while undergoing maintenance. While the Ultra Track Berm is a temporary spill containment solution, it is made with two stainless steel camlock fitting for draining larger, unexpected spills. For a more permanent spill containment solution for railways, ask about the Ultra Track Pan.

  • Durable 40 oz. PVC Materials
  • Dual-Sump Construction, Dual Camlock Fittings
  • Easy to Move, Temporary Spill Containment

Specialty Spill Containment Berm: Concrete Washout Berm

The Ultra Concrete Washout Berm is a lightweight, portable berm designed to contain the concrete washout on construction sites, giving you a place to allow it to dry and then dispose of it. The Ultra Washout Berm is UV Resistant and made from 10 mil polyethylene, making it durable and ready for extended use outside. The built-in tie-downs allow it to be secured to wooden pallets for easier handling and transport. Compatible with mixers, pump trucks, and wheelbarrows. The Ultra Concrete Washout Berm is also great for paint, drywall, mud, stucco, and mortar from your jobsite.

  • UV Resistant, 10 mil Polyethylene Material
  • Help Maintain EPA Compliance
  • Portable, Easy to Install and Use

Specialty Spill Containment Berm: Concrete Washout Berm – Economy Model

The Ultra Concrete Washout Berm Economy Model is similar to the Ultra Concrete Washout Berm mentioned above, but this Economy Model is more budget friendly. The Economy Model Concrete Washout Berm consists of a heavy duty 6 mil liner that sits in the berm and locks in place with specially designed slotted edges. The liner has a special water and oil coating to ensure an extended shelf life. Because concrete is found on a variety of construction sites, washing equipment will result in concrete washout that must be captured. Stay in compliance with a budget-friendly Ultra Washout Berm Economy Model.

  • 6 mil Heavy Duty Liner with Oil and Water Coating
  • Helps Comply with EPA Regulations
  • Designed to Fold Flat for Easy Storage
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Specialty Spill Containment Berm: Mini Foam Wall Spill Berm

The Mini Model of the Ultra Foam Wall Spill Berm is perfect for the often-overlooked drips and leaks that can occur during vehicle maintenance, repairs, and storage. These small spills can have big consequences with EPA regulations and fees. Sometimes referred to as a Duck Pond, the Mini Foam Wall Spill Berm is made rom Heavy Duty 18 oz. PVC fabric and has 6-inch-high walls. The Mini Foam Wall Spill Berm has a 75-gallon capacity for leaks and spills. The berms also fold down and can be secured with an attached strap. Use the Mini Model Foam Wall Spill Berm for maintenance, repairs, fuel transfers, or as storage for batteries, small drums, or compressors.

  • Heavy Duty 18 oz. PVC
  • Easy to Store and Carry Around Your Facility
  • Deploys Quickly for Effective EPA Compliance

Mini Foam Wall Spill Berm Spill Berm Video

Not finding what you need here? We also carry spill containment berms for vehicles and moving machinery (Drive-Over Spill Containment Berms) and for stationary equipment that tends to stay put (Tank Spill Containment). If you're looking for spill containment for 55-gallon drums, OBCs, totes, or other container storage, see our Spill Containment Page for spill pallets and other products. For more information on the other spill containment products we offer, Contact Us or Call Us at 863-261-8388.