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Silt Fence

Construction Silt Fence

Silt fence, or construction silt fence, is an erosion control product that helps to prevent sediment from spreading in large areas. It ensures the disturbed silt does not become displaced off site as water enters and leaves a construction site. Because the fence is made from high strength filter fabric, it can hold up in outdoor conditions.

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Silt Fence Features

  • Three Grades: Economy, Contractor, and DOT
  • Life Expectancy 6 Months
  • With or Without Stakes

Silt Fence Benefits

  • Helps Sites Comply with Regulations
  • Effective Perimeter Control
  • Economical Silt Barrier

Erosion Control Silt Fence Details

Erosion control silt fence comes in three fabric grades depending on your site conditions. Economy grade silt fence is made from 50 gram weight geotextile filter fabric and is available in 36" wide rolls. The flow rate for economy silt fence is 30 gallons per minute per feet and the grab tensile strength is 69.

Construction grade silt fence is made from 70 gram weight geotextile filter fabric and is available in 24", 36", or 42" wide rolls. The flow rate for the contractor sediment fence is 25 gallons per minute per feet. The grab tensile strength is 114.

The DOT grade silt barrier is made from 100 gram weight geotextile filter fabric and comes in 36" or 42" wide rolls. The flow rate is 10 gallons per minute per feet.

Silt Fence Specifications

Size Test 50 gram 70 gram 100 gram
Weave 8x8 weave 11x11 weave 11x11 weave
Grab Tensile ASTM D 4632 68 98.8 lbs. x 92.4 lbs 135 lbs. x 125 lbs.
Grab Elongation ASTM D 4632 14% 27% 15%
Mullen Burst ASTM D 3786 230 psi 205 psi 200 psi
Puncture ASTM D 4833 52 lbs. 50 lbs. 50 lbs.
Trapezoid Tear ASTM D 4533 47 lbs. 52 lbs. 60 lbs.
AOS ASTM D 4751 10 sieve 40 sieve 30 sieve
Flow Rate ASTM D 4491 30 gal/min/ft 24.2 gal/min/ft 20 gal/min/ft
Permittivity ASTM D 4491 0.03 sec 0.05 sec 0.1 sec
UV Resistance ASTM D 4355 80% after 500 hrs. 80% after 500 hrs. 80% after 500 hrs.

Silt Fence Installation

A sediment fence is a great stormwater bmp for a construction site needing to stay in compliance. Having a construction silt fence to control displaced sediment on your site is important. Silt fence installation does not have to be difficult, but it does need to be done correctly. Be sure not to have any gaps in your sediment fence when setting it up. If one continuous roll of erosion control silt fence won't be enough, then overlapping fabric will be necessary with silt fence installation. Be sure to dig a trench and backfill the construction silt fence to ensure maximum sediment control and filtration. Additionally, you can increase the durability and strength of your silt barrier by using a wire-backed silt fence to withstand water flows that are much stronger.

Silt Fence Frequently Asked Questions

For your silt fence to perform to the best of its ability, you will need to dig a trench and backfill it. The trench should be made deep enough that 6" of the sediment fence is below the ground. This will ensure that sediment filled water does not get underneath your silt barrier. By digging a trench and backfilling the sediment fence you reduce stormwater runoff. For more information on silt fence installation, see our silt fence installation guide.

Sediment should be removed from your erosion control silt fence when it reaches one-third to half the height of the fence. You will notice that it will cause a considerable strain on the fabric the more it builds up. Keeping up with regular maintenance of your sediment fence and noticing this buildup of sediment will allow your silt fence to last longer.