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Geotube Dewatering Products

Geotube dewatering products are made from specially engineered textile, ensuring you greater confinement of the fine solids, sludge and other sediment, resulting in cleaner water. We offer geotextile tubes, bags and materials that are the perfect dewatering products for your dewatering filtration or sludge removal projects. Geotube dewatering is ideal for public lakes, navigable rivers, beachfronts, and stormwater retention ponds. We have a variety of styles and sizes available to meet your specific job needs. Determining the right product for your needs depends on site conditions:

  • Volume of Liquid
  • Type of Sediment or Silt
  • Pump Flow Rate

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Geotube Dewatering Bag

Our geotube dewatering bag is the most commonly used dewatering product. Contaminated water is pumped directly into the bag for continuous filtration. Water flows through the highly permeable material, leaving dirt and other sediment inside the geotextile bag. Available in a variety of sizes, dewatering silt bags are perfect for stormwater filtering systems and construction locations because of their exceptional soil and silt retention. When dewatering bags are 80 percent full, you can transport to your composting area for disposal or for re-use.

Size Capacity
6' x 6' 1.44 yds³
10' x 15' 6 yds³
15' x 15' 9.6 yds³

*Custom sizing also available

Geotube Dewatering Tubes

Geotube dewatering tubes are much like dewatering bags in their purpose and design. Geo textile tubes are significantly larger and made with stronger woven geotextile fabric. Cities and counties often use dewatering tubes for wastewater treatment plants to filter out contaminants from local water supplies. Our sludge dewatering tubes are ideal for use in navigation channels, making waterways more accessible for ships and vessels. Important for pollutants remediation, removing silt and sediment in waterways prevents spreading into the air or other parts of water.

Geotextile dewatering tubes are also great for coastal areas and breakwater applications. Beaches and coastlines often suffer from water erosion due to strong waves and tides. Breakwater tubes add the extra line of defense needed, so shores are able to retain much of their natural sand. The success of your dewatering project is our priority. Let us help you find the best drainage and dewatering solutions on the market today. Call us at 863-261-8388

Property Value Additional Notes
Length 22', 50', 57', and 100' Other Lengths by Special Order
Circumference 22.5', 30', 45', 60', 120' -
Filling Port Spacing 1 - 3 ports Average One Port Every 50' of Length

*Custom sizing also available

Geotube Breakwater Tubes

Geotube breakwater tubes create a synthetic barrier used along shorelines and beaches to help control erosion. Helping retain sand and shorelines, geotubes for beach protection aid in the prevention of further erosion or loss of shorelines. Often referred to as breakwater tubes, our dewatering barriers act as a first line of defense against waves and tidal action.

Our shoreline geotubes are made from a strong, woven geotextile fabric that is well-equipped to handle outdoor elements and exposure. The robust material and high strength fabrics our geotextile tubes an excellent choice for home protection, beach front properties, and other coastal areas. Breakwater geotube come in a variety of lengths and circumference to accommodate different coastal areas.

Property Value Additional Notes
Length 22', 50', 57', and 100' Other Lengths by Special Order
Circumference 22.5', 30', 45', 60', 120' -
Filling Port Spacing 1 - 3 ports Average One Port Every 50' of Length

*Custom sizing also available

Geotube Dewatering Applications

When it comes to dewatering applications, our geotube dewatering solutions are used for construction sites, project job sites, wastewater treatment plants, roadside dredging jobs, lagoons, and more. We carry geotube bags for smaller jobs and geotextile tubes for larger jobs such as wastewater treatment plants, dewatering lagoons, and large-scale sludge removal. We also supply geotextile fabric for erosion control and aggregate separation. Find out more about all of our geotextile products!

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