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Breakwater Geotextile Tubes

Breakwater Tubes for Erosion Control

Geotextile tubes create a synthetic barrier used along shorelines and beaches to help control erosion. Often referred to as breakwater tubes, these dewatering barriers act as a first line of defense against waves and tidal action.

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Geotextile Tube Features

  • Material: High Strength Woven Geosynthetic Fabric
  • Accommodates High Water Flow
  • UV Stabilized

GeotextileTube Benefits

  • Protects Beaches and Shorelines from Erosion
  • Helps Reduce Erosion Along Shores
  • Protects Homes and Hotels

Breakwater Geotextile Tubes Details

As waves crash on to the shoreline, they hit the breakwater tube first, limiting the exposure to beaches and dunes. Geotextile tubes help areas retain sand/shorelines and work to prevent further erosion or loss in the area.

Shoreline protection tubes are made from a woven geotextile fabric that is UV stabilized and well-equipped to handle outdoor elements and exposure. The robust material and high strength fabrics make geotextile tubes an excellent choice for home protection, beach front properties, and other coastal areas. Geotube sizes are varied in length and circumference to accommodate different coastal areas.

Other geotextile tube features

  • Fine Pore Structure
  • Multiple Lengths and Circumferences
  • Black or Tan Fabric Colors

Other geotextile tube benefits

Geoxtextile Tube Specifications

Property Value Additional Notes
Length 50', 100', 150', 200', 250' Other Lengths by Special Order
Circumference 15', 22.5', 30', 45', 60', 75', 90' -
Filling Port Spacing 1 - 5 Ports One Port for Every 50' of Length

Size and Estimated Capacity per Geotube

Circumference 15' 22.5' 30' 45' 60' 75' 90'
Tube Volume (yd³/LF) 0.6 1.3 2.3 4.1 6.2 8.3 10.1

Geotube Material Specification

Fabric Woven Geotextile UV Stable Weight/Unit Area oz/yd² (g/m²) Color
Circumference Polypropylene Yes Yes Black/Tan

Geotextile Tubes have also been used for sediment, sludge, and dredging locations.

Standard Geotube Erosion Control Applications

two dewatering bags in use
  • Breakwater for Hotels and Beach Front Homes
  • Agricultural Compost
  • Sludge Removal
  • Dewatering in Wastewater Plant
  • Mining Operations

Geotextile Tube Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, they are in the same classification. However geotextile tubes (geotubes) are frequently used for shoreline protection and reinforcement. Their rugged construction stands up to the wave action well, while also allowing any water that permeates the tube to drain away. When used for breakwater control and shoreline protection, geotubes are filled and installed as a semi-permanent fixture. Dewatering tubes are very similarly made, but the purpose is different. Dewatering tubes are filled with sludge or mud, with the intent being to contain sediments and pollutants while allowing the clean water to filter out. The bags are then either emptied or disposed of in an approved location.

Due to the rigorous and continual pressures on the geotubes in a shoreline application, there are some important site preparation and installation considerations that need to be accommodated. Please contact us, and we will walk through your project, the specs and requirements, to make sure that the geotubes are installed safely and in a way that will give them the longest use possible.