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Concrete Washout Box

Ultra Concrete Washout Containers for Sale

Ultra Concrete Washout Box is an inexpensive, easy solution for capturing the concrete washout on your construction site. Tools, trucks, and chutes will need to be cleaned after concrete is poured. The Ultra Concrete Washout Bin – Economy Model is a BMP that allows you to capture this washout, allow it to dry, and then dispose of it as regular waste. The durable 6 mil liner is quick and easy to install, and the special slotted edges of the washout box hold the liner in place.

In-stock and ships fast, these concrete washout containers for sale can also be used for paint waste, drywall mud and stucco. For more information, call us at 863-261-8388.

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Concrete Washout Box Features

  • 6 mil Liner to Contain Washout
  • Special Water and Oil Coating for Extended Shelf Life
  • Specially Designed Slotted Edges to 'Lock' Liner in Place

Concrete Washout Box Benefits

  • Captures Concrete Washout and Keeps You in Compliance
  • Helps Comply With EPA Regulations
  • Can Hold Paint Waste, Stucco, and Drywall Mud

Ultra Concrete Washout Berm Details

When you need a concrete washout bmp that's portable and economical berm, we recommend the Ultra Concrete Washout Berm – Economy Model. Made with heavy duty, durable materials that are designed to contain heavy loads, the concrete washout box will help you comply with EPA regulations on your construction site. The heavy duty 6 mil liner has a special water and oil coating that helps to provided extended shelf life, and the chemical-resistant materials are compatible for use with concrete washout and a variety of other construction materials and applications. The specially designed slotted edges of the washout box hold the liner in place to keep it secure. The concrete washout bins are not reusable, and they allow you to dispose of the concrete washout once it has dried. Once it has dried, you can break it up and haul it away.

Ultra Concrete Washout Berm – Economy Model Specs

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Capacity Gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg)
UltraTech 3515 Economy Model 30 x 30 x 15 (762 x 762 x 381) 50 (189.27) 5 (2.27)
UltraTech 3516 Economy Model 48 x 48 x 15 (1219.2 x 1219.2 x 381) 140 (529.96) 9 (4.08)
UltraTech 3517 Economy Model 60 x 60 x 12 (1524 x 1524 x 304.8) 180 (681.37) 11 (4.99)

Concrete Washout Container Downloads

Concrete Washout Bins and Berms – BMP Applications

The Ultra Concrete Washout Berm is the perfect inexpensive, convenient tool for dealing with concrete washout on construction sites. Concrete is a common material used on nearly every construction site. With it comes the necessary cleaning of trucks, chutes and tools. In order to stay in compliance, you have to capture that washout before it contaminates the surrounding environment. But, what about other harmful substances that you might need to capture on a construction site? Well, the Ultra Concrete Washout Bins and Berms can also be used to capture paint waste, drywall mud, stucco and more. The Concrete Washout Berm allows concrete and other materials to dry and then be hauled away for disposal. Typically, you can treat dry concrete washout as normal waste. However, if dealing with other chemicals that could harm the environment, check with local authorities before disposing.

Concrete Washout Containers FAQs

The liner is included with the Ultra Concrete Washout Berm, but we do not recommend you reuse it once you have capture concrete washout with it.

You can use the Ultra Concrete Washout Box to capture paint waste, stucco, drywall mud and pretty much anything else that needs to dry before you can dispose of it. Concrete is found on the majority of construction sites, making concrete washout almost a universal compliance issue. If you think of a unique way to use the concrete washout bin, let us know. We'd love to hear your story.

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