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Grate Lifter

Catch Basin Lifting Devices for Storm Drains

A grate lifter is designed to make lifting storm drain grates by one person easy and as quick as possible for safety. With the power of leverage and control, catch basin lifting devices allow one person to lift storm drain grates up to 400 pounds. Prevent unnecessary injuries with a grate lifter in your Stormwater Management plan.

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Grate Lifter Features

  • Lifting Capacity of 400 lbs.
  • 2-Piece Carrying Case
  • Powder Coasted Steel Construction

Grate Lifter Benefits

  • One Person Storm Drain Lifting
  • Implements SWPPP Techniques
  • Easy to Handle and Use

Storm Drain Grate Lifter Product Details

Made of a powder steel construction, a storm drain grate lifter is one type of a wide variety of durable catch basin lifting devices made to lift a variety of storm drain covers, including storm sewer grate covers, manhole covers, and even raised manhole covers. The storm drain grate lifter is easily disassembled for easy storage and transport. With the carrying case, storing your drain lifter, and using it when you need to install stormwater BMPs has never been easier.

Ultratech Ultra Storm Drain Grate Lifter Specifications

Part Number Ultratech 9234
Capacity Up to 400 lbs (181.5 kg)
Weight lbs. (kg) 67.0 (30.0)
Part Number: 9241 Two-piece carrying Case

Grate Lifter Downloads

How To Lift a Storm Drain Cover

If you're wondering how to lift a storm drain cover, you've come to the right place. To use a grate lifter, follow these simple steps. First, place your grate lifter on a steady surface. Next attach the hooks to the center of the storm drain grates. Once the hooks are in place, apply pressure to the handle and begin to raise the grate. Once the grate has risen, swing it away with the drain grate lifter and place it on the ground gently. Once you have installed the stormwater BMP in your storm drain opening, simply use the drain lifter to move the grate back into place.

Grate Lifter Frequently Asked Questions

When you want to increase the feasibility of the storm drain lifting process, use a drain grate lifter. Using catch basin lifting devices reduces the strain that one person has lifting a storm drain grate while installing stormwater BMPs.

The grate lifter comes with a double, two-pronged hook attachment that works with most storm drain grates. These accessories and hooks make lifting a storm drain grate a simple task. If you are still wondering how to lift a storm drain cover, review our steps above, or contact our product specialists for more information.

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