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Pumping and dewatering equipment can encompass a variety of dewatering products and solutions. From a dewatering hose, dewatering hose pipe and Ultra hose connectors, being able to have the best possible tools to facilitate your dewatering project is important. Ultra hose connectors will allow you to connect dewatering bags quickly and easily. As a dewatering equipment supplier, our main goal is making sure your project is fully outfitted with all your pumping and dewatering equipment needs.

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Ultra Dewatering Hose Connector Features

  • PVC Construction
  • Quick-release Hose Clamp Included
  • Weight: 1 lbs. (0.5 kg)

Ultra Dewatering Hose Connector Benefits

  • Quick and Easy Discharge Hose Connection
  • Will Not Corrode or Rust
  • No Wire, Zip Ties, or Rope to Worry About

Ultra Dewatering Hose Connector Details

Connect your dewatering bags to discharge hoses quickly and easily with the Ultra Dewatering Hose Connectors. Constructed with PVC, you can be sure that the Ultra-Hose Connector wont rust or corrode overtime. The dewatering hose connector from Ultratech will work with dewatering equipment like the dewatering pump hose, dewatering hose pipe, Ultra Dewatering Bags, and Ultra Pipe Sock. The dewatering hose connector screws onto the end of the discharge dewatering hose. You don't have to worry about connecting the dewatering hose with zip ties, wire or even rope. Included with the Ultra hose connector is the quick-release hose clamp to quickly secure dewatering bags. As a dewatering equipment supplier, you can be sure to have your dewatering needs met with us.

Ultra Dewatering Hose Connector Specifications

Part Number Model Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 9739 Hose Connector 2.5 (1.1)

Ultra Hose Connector Installation

When you receive the Ultra-hose connector, it will be ready to use right out of the box. First remove the stainless steel clamp by unscrewing it, then screw the threaded end of the dewatering hose connector to the dewatering pump hose. Once you place the opening of your Ultra dewatering bag or sock on the Ultra hose connector, you'll want to gather it together in the constricted area between the two ends of the hose connector. Replace the steel clamp by inserting the notched end into the fitting. Then, tighten the clamp with a flat head screwdriver to secure the dewatering equipment.

Once you've completed the dewatering process, you will want to remove the Ultra dewatering bag or sock. Hold the opening of the dewatering bag or Ultra pipe sock in an elevated position and push up on the clamp screw to release the dewatering equipment. Roll the end of the opening two or three times over and use the attached ties to secure the opening of the dewatering equipment. Once the Ultra dewatering bag or Ultra dewatering sock is full and the dewatering process is complete, unscrew and remove the Ultra Hose Connector from the dewatering pump hose, re-attach the stainless steel clamp and wipe down the connector with a clean cloth. Reuse the Ultra-hose connector as needed.

Ultra Hose Connector Frequently Asked Questions

When you use the Ultra hose connector, connecting and securing the dewatering bag or other dewatering equipment is simple and easy. When you are experiencing high flow rates, using an Ultra hose clamp might be the best choice for you with the Ultra hose connector.

Yes, once the dewatering process is finished, and you've secured the opening of your used dewatering bag, you can wipe down the Ultra hose connector with a clean cloth and reuse the connector.