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Ultra Hose Stand

Ultra 8369 Hose Stand

Ultra Hose Stand supports fueling hoses around spill containment berms to ensure that spill containment sidewalls stay upright and the containment capacity of the berm is not compromised. The Ultra Hose Stand acts like a bridge for hoses. The hose stand is rugged enough to support hoses and withstand the rigors of the fueling operations, but it is lightweight enough to be moved and stored when it is not needed. For more information, see Spill Containment Accessories.

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Ultra Hose Stand Features

  • Made from Polyurea
  • Cutout in Stand Can Handle 6 ½" Hoses
  • Keeps Hoses off Sidewalls

Ultra Hose Stand Benefits

  • Lightweight, Durable for Daily Use
  • Supports Hoses in Fueling Operations
  • Versatile Units for Use Inside and Outside the Berm

Berm Accessories – Hose Stand Details

The Ultra Hose Stand is a versatile spill containment accessory made to support hoses during fueling, filling or pumping operations so the hoses don't have to lay atop of the sidewalls of the spill containment berm. When not using a hose stand and simply laying the hoses across the spill berm's side walls, several issues commonly occur. First, the weight of the hose and liquid compress the wall and compromise the berm's ability to capture spills effectively. Secondly, the hose itself can cause wear and tear that can result in damage to the spill berm. The Hose Stand can be used inside, outside, or straddling the sidewalls of the spill containment berm. The cradle at the top of the Ultra Hose Stand can fit hoses up to 6 ½" in diameter.

Ultra Hose Stand Specs

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Weight lbs. (kg)
UltraTech 8369 Heavy-Duty 16.3 x 9.3 x 23.3 (412.8 x 235 x 590.6) 5 (2.3)

Ultra Hose Stand Applications

Ultra Hose Stands can be used wherever you need hose support inside and outside of a spill berm. For fueling operations, supporting hoses inside and outside the spill containment berm is imperative to relieve the berm sidewalls for any unnecessary pressure. Resting fuel hose on berm sidewalls can compromise the containment capacity of the spill berm causing it to falter, leaving you out of compliance. Additionally, resting the hose on the spill berm sidewall also often causes damage to the spill berm. You can use the Ultra Hose Stand with any of our spill containment berms. You can use the Ultra Hose Stand to support fuel hoses, to carry hoses from one berm to another berm in the event of a spill, and inside the spill berm for emptying and filling of containers.

UltraTech Hose Stand Berm Accessories FAQs

The Ultra Hose Stand is made from Polyurea. It is 23.3 inches tall and weighs 5 pounds. It can accommodate hoses up to 6 ½ inches in diameter.

As of right now, for small batches of the Ultra Hose Stand, we don't usually customize. However, for more information of customizing are large order of Ultra Hose Stands, then Call Us at 863-261-8388.

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