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Ultra Self Bailer

Pump Spill Containment Self Bailer

Ultra Self Bailer is a passive filter device to help remove rainwater that can collect in spill containment berms. The best protection for non-monitored spill containment sites, the Ultra Self Bailer filters out oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons from the rainwater that is collected in outdoor spill containment. The hydrocarbon sheens and small leaks and spills are captured so that clean, compliance-friendly stormwater flows out. The Ultra Self Bailer is made of an all-PVC construction that won't rust or corrode and can be attached to the bulkhead fittings of most spill containment devices easily. The Self Bailer has an auto-shutoff function for larger spills, preventing any liquid from escaping the berm. See our Self-Bailer Video (below) for more detailers. For more information, see Spill Containment Accessories.

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Ultra Self Bailer Features

  • Passive Rainwater Filtering
  • All PVC Construction
  • Auto-Shutoff Function and Manual Shutoff Function

Ultra Self Bailer Benefits

  • Won't Rust or Corrode
  • Connected to Most Ultra Spill Containment Products
  • Filters are Easy to Replace

Spill Berm Self Bailer Details

Ultra Self Bailer Video

The Ultra Self Bailer solves the problem that most outdoor spill containment devices face: dealing with rainwater in the spill berm. With the Ultra Self Bailer, rainwater can be passively drained and filtered so that no oil, gas, or other hydrocarbons are present in the discharge. Made with an all-PVC construction, the Ultra Self Bailer won't rust or corrode over time and the media filters are easily replaced. Over time as the media filter inside the Ultra Self Bailer works to remove contaminants, the filter will swell and prevent any water from leaving the self-bailer. Once you notice the flow of the Ultra Self Bailer being restricted, you'll know it is time to replace the filter. Luckily, with the Manual shutoff valve you can easily replace these filters and continue to have passively filtered rainwater from your spill berm. In the event of a large spill, the filter media will swell completely, triggering the auto-shutoff function of the self-bailer. The Ultra Self Bailer is easily connected to most bulkhead fittings for Ultra Spill Containment berms and related devices. We carry filter sizes ranging from Standard, which has a 6-28 oz. capacity, to XXL, which has a capacity of 200 to 226 oz.

Ultra Self Bailer Specs

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Weight lbs. (kg) Notes
UltraTech 9935 Standard 28 x 3.5 x 3.5 (711.2 x 88.9 x 88.9) 2 (.9) 6-28 oz. Capacity
Cut-off Loss:* 7-10 oz.
Flow Rate: 7.5 (29) gal (L) per hour**
UltraTech 9937 L 36 x 4.5 x 4.5 (914.4 x 114.3 x 114.3) 6 (2.7) 21-28 oz. Capacity
Cut-off Loss:* 26-32 oz.
Flow Rate: 22 (84) gal (L) per hour**
UltraTech 9926 XL 39 x 6.5 x 6.5 (990.6 x 165.1 x 165.1) 11 (5) 140-156 oz. Capacity
Cut-off Loss:* 150-165 oz.
Flow Rate: 42 (159) gal (L) per hour**
UltraTech 9928 XXL 43 x 9 x 9 (1092.2 x 228.6 x 228.6) 16 (7.3) 200-226 oz. Capacity | Cut-off Loss:* 215-228 oz. | Flow Rate: 55 (209) gal (L) per hour**

* Cut-off loss is the approximate amount of hydrocarbons that may pass through the self-bailer prior to complete shut-off in the event of a spill.

** At 2" WC (Head Pressure)

Replacement Filter Specs

Part # Model Quantity
UltraTech 9936 Ultra-Self Bailer Replacement Filters - Standard 2 Filters
UltraTech 9938 Ultra-Self Bailer Replacement Filters - Large 1 Filter
UltraTech 9927 Ultra-Self Bailer Replacement Filters - XL 1 Filter
UltraTech 9929 Ultra-Self Bailer Replacement Filters - XXL 1 Filter

Spill Berm Maintenance Applications – Ultra Self Bailer

Where can you use an Ultra Self Bailer? The Ultra Self Bailer is compatible with Ultra Spill Containment Berms and devices. It is connected through a bulkhead fitting where rainwater can passively drain. Perfect for outdoor spill containment berms and devices, the Ultra Self Bailer will remove rainwater while filtering gas, oil, and other hydrocarbons. The Ultra Self Bailer is a great addition to jobsites with outdoor spill containment berms that do not get a lot of attention. When you can't have eyes on your spill containment products every day, the Ultra Self Bailer works for you to filter oil and hydrocarbons. To extend the life and use of your Ultra Self-Bailer, you can use polypropylene absorbents inside of the containment sump as a pre-filter when circumstances allow. For more information on how you can use the Ultra Self Bailer with your spill berm or other containment options to meet your spill containment needs, give us a call at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us.

Ultra Self Bailer FAQs

Emptying a spill berm or spill containment device will depend on the type of spill berm you have. Some spill containment devices are emptied using a pump like the Bladder Pump (Part# 2345), which are used with Ultra Spill Deck Bladder Systems. Using a pump to empty a spill containment device is an active way to drain. With an Ultra Self Bailer, you are passively draining a spill containment berm or pallet as water collects. Self-Bailers will passively drain and filter out oil and hydrocarbons that are present in rainwater that is collected in outdoor spill containment devices.

You would need an Ultra Self-Bailer if you are currently dealing with outdoor spill containment that is subjected to rainwater. When rain enters a containment berm, the berm loses its full capacity to contain any possible spills. In order to remove the rainwater and keep the containment sump free from rainwater, you can use the Ultra Self Bailer to passively remove the rainwater while filtering oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons.

You'll know it's time to change the filter of the Ultra Self Bailer when the water flow from the bailer is limited or completely restricted. When the filter is full, the filter media begins to swell, cutting off the flow of water so no contaminants leave the device. You should change the filter of the Ultra Self Bailer when you notice this restriction of flow.

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