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Ultra Ground Tarp & Track Belt

Tarp Protection for Spill Berms

Ultratech Heavy Duty Ground Tarps and Ultra Track Belts go the extra mile in protecting your spill berm investment. While all Ultratech products are of the highest quality, these products help your spill berm last even longer. One (the Ultra Heavy Duty Ground Tarp) provides protection from below the spill containment berm, and the other (the Ultra Track Belt) from above. We also carry the Ultra Ground Tarp Plus for use on especially rugged terrain. Choose the "all in one" option, and they will arrive already attached to your spill berm and assembled. The Heavy Duty Ground Tarp and Track Belts are inexpensive and can be purchased for any size of spill berm to ensure that your Ultra Containment Berm lasts a long time. For more information, see Spill Containment Accessories.

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Heavy Duty Ground Tarp & Track Belt Features

  • Compatible with all Ultra Containment Berms
  • Order Separately or as a Package
  • Strong and Durable

Heavy Duty Ground Tarp & Track Belt Benefits

  • Prevents Punctures, Tears and Rips
  • Extends the Berm's Field-Use Life
  • Pre-Attached Option for Fast Installation

Heavy Duty Ground Tarp & Track Belt Details

Use Ultra Heavy Duty Ground Tarps beneath a spill berm to prevent puncture, tears and rips that can occur from rocks or debris in the ground below. Place your Ultra Ground Tarp on the ground first, then the spill berm on top. For best tarp protection, select an Ultra Ground Tarp size that's 1 to 4 feet larger than the berm itself.

Ultra Ground Tarp Plus is used the same way as the Ultra Heavy Duty Ground Tarp, but can take even more pressure and abuse. In addition to providing even more protection, it also has an absorbent top layer to capture any drips or spills that can happen on the jobsite. It consists of 3 barrier films sandwiched between two layers of needle-punched geotextile with heat fused surfaces. However, it installs as a single layer, eliminating the common problems with multiple-layer installation. The Ultra Ground Tarp Plus offers 3X more tear protection and 5X more puncture protection than the standard 30 mil HDPE liners, and it won't stretch or crack like HDPE. Additionally, the high traction surface guards against slipping injuries.

Ultra Track Belts protect your spill berm from wear and damage caused by trucks or equipment driving over the spill berm. While sturdy and built for this purpose, with tens of thousands of pounds of weight driving over the berms on a regular basis, even the toughest fabrics can be put to the test. The Ultra Track Belts act as a buffer between the vehicle's tires and the spill berm. When wear does happen, it will be to the track belt, not the spill berm. Track belts are easily replaceable as needed.

While these components can be ordered separately, you also can choose to order them as an "All in One" where they are pre-attached (heat-sealed or welded). This provides the additional benefit of having them already in place when you set up the spill berm. Note: The "All in One" is not available for the Economy Model of the Ultra Containment Berm.

Ultra Ground Tarp Specs

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Weight lbs. (kg)
UltraTech 8311 For all 4' x 6', 6' x 6', and 10' x 10' Ultra-Containment Berms 11 x 11 x 0 (3.4 x 3.4 x 0) 16 (7.3)
UltraTech 8322 For all 12' x 60' Ultra-Containment Berms 64 x 16 x 0 (19.5 x 4.9 x 0) 128 (58.1)
UltraTech 8338 For all 15' x 50' Ultra-Containment Berms 54 x 19 x 0 (16.5 x 5.8 x 0) 152 (68.9)
UltraTech 8334 For all 15' x 66' Ultra-Containment Berms 70 x 19 x 0 (21.3 x 5.8 x 0 167 (75.7)

Ultra Ground Tarps Plus -130 mi

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Weight lbs. (kg)
UltraTech 8492 Plus Model 22 x 12.3 x 0 (6.7 x 3.7 x 0) 54 (25)
UltraTech 8493 Plus Model 32 x 12.3 x 0 (9.8 x 3.7 x 0) 79 (36)
UltraTech 8494 Plus Model 52 x 12.3 x 0 (15.8 x 3.7 x 0) 129 (58)
UltraTech 8495 Plus Model 62 x 12.3 x 0 (18.9 x 3.7 x 0) 153 (70)
UltraTech 8497 Plus Model 450 x 12.3 x 0 (137.2 x 3.7 x 0) 1,130 (513)
UltraTech 8496 Plus Model - CUSTOM SIZE N/A N/A

Track Belts

Part # Model Dimensions ft. (m) Weight lbs. (kg)
UltraTech 8343 Track Belt (Set of 2) - 18 oz. PVC 56 x 2.5 x .2 (17.1 x .8 x .1) 144 (65.3)
UltraTech 8344 Track Belt (Set of 2) - 18 oz. PVC 66 x 2.5 x .2 (20.1 x .8 x .1) 173 (78.5)
UltraTech 8345 Track Belt (Set of 2) - 18 oz. PVC 72 x 2.5 x .2 (21.9 x .8 x .1) 190 (86.2)

Ultra Ground Tarp Plus Specs

Composition Polypropylene
Color Dark Gray
UV Resistant Yes
Master Roll Width 12' (3.7 m)
Thickness 130 mil
Approximate Roll Length 450' (137.2 m)
Approximate Roll Weight 1,100 lbs. (499.0 kg)
Core dia. 4" (10.2 cm)
Recyclable Yes

Testing Information

Top Side Absorbency: Water = 3.31 gal./100 sq. ft.; Oil = 3.42 gal./100 sq. ft

Permittivity (ASTM D 4491) = 0

Calculated Darcy Coefficient of Permeability = 0

Material Testing Property
Ultra-Ground Tarp Plus - 130 mil Thickness ASTM D 5994 144 Mils
Ultra-Ground Tarp Plus - 130 mil Tensile Properties (Max Strength) ASTM D 6693/GRI, 2 ipm rate 161 A-Break lb/in-width
100 B-Break lb/in-width
Ultra-Ground Tarp Plus - 130 mil Puncture Resistance ASTM D 4833 272 (lbs.)
Ultra-Ground Tarp Plus - 130 mil Tear Resistance ASTM D 1004 (lbs.) 67 A
59 B

Ultra Containment Berm Ground Tarp and Track Belt Specs

Method Typical Values
Total Weight FS 5040/ASTM D3776 18.5 oz. per sq. yd.
Width 61"
Material Polyester Blended PVC
Count 18 x 17
Denier 1000 x 1300
Grab Tensile FS 5100 / ASTM D5034 375 x 375 lbs./in.
Tongue Tear FS5134 / ASTM D2261 100 x 100 lbs
Adhesion FS 5970 / ASTM D751 26 lbs./2"
Cold Crack FS 5874 -20°F
Treatments Anti-Mildew. UV Pigments
Finish Matte
Putup 100 yards
Color Ground Tarp: Black. Track Belts: Green.

Heavy Duty Ground Tarp & Track Belt Applications

Ultra Ground Tarps and Track Belts are recommended for heavy duty use of spill berms. The Ultra Ground Tarp protects spill berms from underlying hazards that could puncture the berm from below. The Ultra Ground Tarp Plus is recommended for more treacherous and rugged terrain, such as oilfields, where there are more and larger rocks and debris that could pose a risk to your spill berm. Additionally, the Ultra Ground Tarp Plus features a spill absorbent layer. The Ultra Track Belt provides a protective layer to prevent drive-through spill berm wear from heavy equipment or vehicle traffic. When wear and tear happens on the jobsite, it will be to the track belts, and you'll only need to replace them (instead of the spill berm).

It's also good to keep an Ultra-Berm Repair Kit on hand, on the jobsite. No matter how careful one is, accidents can happen. Keeping a repair kit on hand not only minimizes jobsite down time when that happens, but fixing tears quickly helps avoid additional damage to the spill berm. The Ultra Berm Repair Kit contains everything needed to make most repairs and is customized to the type of spill berm needed.

Compact Model Spill Containment Berms FAQs

Yes! Both the Ultra Ground Tarp and the Ultra Ground Tarp Plus are available in custom sizes.

The Ultra Ground Tarp is popular in jobsites with average conditions, where the ground is smooth and there's minimal rocks or debris. The Ultra Ground Tarp Plus is typically used in more rigorous jobs, such as oilfields, where larger or sharper rocks and debris are common. The Plus model also incorporates an absorbent layer to capture any minor drips or spills.

Yes! Track belts can be ordered separately. Call us for assistance!

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