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Floating Barrier Accessories

Marine Anchor Kits, Tow Bridles, Buoys, Reefing Lines

Floating barrier accessories are essential equipment for containment boom or turbidity curtain installation and performance. Proper equipment around road construction, dredging sites, and bridge construction is imperative to properly install and maintain your turbidity fence or boom.

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Floating Barrier Accessories

  • Marine anchor kits
  • Buoys and marker lights
  • Tow bridle
  • Reefing lines
  • Tidal compensator

Floating Barrier Accessories Benefits

  • Increases the barrier's lifespan
  • Improves performance
  • Withstands extended use in water

Floating Barrier Accessories Details

Marine Anchor Kits

Marine anchor kits are a requirement for floating boom or silt curtain that is being installed in moving water or rough water conditions. Anchoring systems will correctly consider silt curtain design and installation for your unique job site conditions. Proper installation of turbidity curtain accessories like marine anchor kits and anchor systems will significantly reduce strain and redistribute weight across the floating turbidity curtain, maintaining containment in the install location and increasing the lifespan of the floating silt curtain. One Clarion's standard marine anchor kits come complete with an anchor, steel chain, polypropylene rope, and one buoy. For your turbidity control system, you can select from several different types of anchors depending on the riverbed or lake bottom at your location. Anchor systems include pyramid anchors, fluke anchors, mushroom style anchors, or navy style anchors. Need pricing? No problem! Simply call our knowledgeable team at 863-261-8388.

Buoys and Marker Lights

One Clarion buoys and marker lights ensure that your floating barrier is visible to marine traffic. Designed for commercial use, marker buoys are great for use in city harbors, small public marinas, and around boat docks. Marker buoys and lights are also useful for demarcation guides and mooring signals. Floating marker lights greatly increase the visibility of your floating turbidity curtain when it has been deployed. Marker lights come complete with the light, pole, and buoy so that it floats next to the floating barrier. One Clarion buoys and marker lights are designed to comply with most local and state regulations.

Tow Bridle

A turbidity accessory like the tow bridle helps with the deployment and installation of your turbidity control system, floating silt curtain, or boom. The tow bridle has been specifically designed to safely tow your turbidity fence into the install position. The bridle features a small flotation device and attaches in two points that help distribute the weight evenly across the silt curtain. The tow bridle is available in small, medium, large, and heavy-duty sizes depending on the silt curtain design and type of turbidity curtain.

Reefing Lines

One Clarion has designed reefing lines specially for use with our floating silt curtain. Turbidity curtain accessories like these allow you to adjust how deep the floating barrier is deployed depending on tidal conditions or the contours of the bottom where the silt curtain is being installed. The adjusting lines are perfect for locations with varying water depths. If you need help with your reefing lines and turbidity curtain installation, we can provide you with information and guidance.

Tidal Compensator

One of the floating barriers accessories that is incredibly helpful in strong tidal conditions is the tidal compensator. The tidal compensator is designed as an adjustment system for floating silt curtain or boom because it self-adjusts as the tides change. The tidal compensator attaches to one end of your turbidity curtain and the other end is connected to an anchoring structure like a dock or pier. As the tide ebbs and flows, the side float automatically adjusts itself and the connector moves up or down on an I-Beam. This action helps keep your floating turbidity fence secure and functioning to its full potential. One Clarion offers the tidal compensator in two models: Standard and Heavy Duty depending on your location requirements.

Floating Barrier Accessories Specifications

Marine Anchor Kits Specifications

Anchor Weight (lbs.) 13, 22, 40, 65
Leader Chain 3/8" (8 ft.)
Nylon Rope 1/2" (60 ft.)
Inflatable Marker Buoy 15"
Painter Line 1/2" (6 ft.)
Galvanized Shackle 3/8"

Marker Lights Specifications

Size 26" above water
50" Total
Visibility 3.7 miles
Battery Life 30 Days
Flash Rate 2.5 Seconds

Buoys Specifications

Circumference 45.55" / 115.71 cm
Diameter 14.5" / 36.83 cm
Length 20" / 50.8 cm
Weight 4.39lbs. / 1.99 kg
Buoyancy 57.1lbs. / 25.9 kg
Rope Eye Diameter 1.5"

Tow Bridle Specifications

Small 12"
Medium 18"
Large 24"
Heavy Duty 24" or 36"

Reefing Lines Specifications

Length (ft.) 15, 30, 31 or more
Size 5/16"
Rope Black Poly Twisted Rope

Tidal Compensator Specifications

Composition Stainless Steel or Marine Grade Aluminum
Connector Size 2 3/4" or 4"
Components Metallic Frame
Boom Connector

Boom and Turbidity Curtain Accessories

One Clarion can furnish boom and turbidity curtain accessories, such as marine anchor kits, anchor systems, tow bridles, marker buoys, and other boom, to fit your unique location challenge. The floating barrier accessories we provide function smoothly in conjunction with the turbidity control system for your location's specifications. They also help to stabilize and secure your equipment investment. Floating barrier accessories are perfect for use in conjunction with applications like aquatic plant, oil, debris control, and turbidity control. One Clarion turbidity curtain accessories are designed and built from marine components that can handle extended time in the water.

When deciding which type of debris boom and turbidity fence you will need, there are certain site conditions you must consider. See the list below of site conditions that will impact your boom or turbidity curtain installation. It includes: For more information on our floating barrier accessories, give our knowledgeable sales team a call at 863-261-8388.

  • Water Velocity
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Wave Height and Frequency
  • Tidal Action
  • Soil Type
  • Longevity of the Project

Floating Barrier Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

The turbidity curtain accessories we offer help ensure that the installation of your curtain goes smoothly and easily. It also extends the lifespan and improves the performance and visibility of your investment.

We offer several types of marine anchor kits depending on your site conditions. We consider several factors when choosing which type of anchor kit would be best for your specific site such as the type of curtain or boom and site conditions such as currents and wind speed. The correct type of marine anchor kits will greatly reduce the stress and redistribute the load placed on your floating barrier.