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Calm Water Boom Barrier

Pollution Barrier

Calm water boom barriers are meant to control or contain trash and debris in calm water bodies. Designed for mild water conditions with no waves or current flow, these pollution debris barriers are perfect for park ponds, canals, lagoons or residential lakes. When you need debris to stay in (or out of) a designated area for collection and disposal, this pollution barrier is the water pollution solution you need.

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Calm Water Boom Barrier Features

  • Section Lengths of 25', 50', 100'
  • 22 oz. or 24 oz. Jaton or Jaton Plus Material
  • Ballast Chain and Flotation Device

Calm Water Boom Barrier Benefits

  • Floating Debris and Trash Control
  • Best for Calm Water Locations
  • Cleans Up Water Environment

Calm Water Boom Barrier Design

Calm water booms are specifically designed for mild water conditions that have no current flows, waves, or have limited tide activity, With a top flotation device and a secure bottom ballast chain, the floating boom design for calm water is made to accommodate locations with no wave actions and no currents. The boom barrier design includes marine grade components with 22 oz. or 24 oz. fabric that stands up to extended use in water. For more information on boom barrier design and details, contact our product specialists today.

Calm Water Boom Barrier Specifications

Boom Type 2.5" 4" 6"
Fabric 22 Oz Jaton 22 Oz Or 24 Oz Jaton/Plus 22oz Or 24 Oz Jaton/Plus
Ballast 1/4" 1/4"; 5/16" 1/4" ; 5/16"; 3/8"
Cable N/A On Request On Request
Sizes 25'; 50'; 100' 25'; 50'; 100' 50'; 100'

Calm Water Boom Barrier Downloads

Floating Debris Boom Applications

Calm water boom is designed specifically for locations with limited water flow and no wave activity. These barriers can provide adequate protection for debris containment, aquatic plant and weed control, demarcation debris barrier, and trash containment. Calm water barriers feature a shorter freeboard, height and draft with a top flotation device and a secure bottom ballast chain.

Need more information? We have a variety of floating debris boom models that for multiple applications and types of water bodies. If you are needing pollution boom for areas with moving water, open water, or need permanent containment boom, please download our full line of floating debris barriers. We can help you select the containment boom that fits your specifications or site plan requirements. Contact our product specialists today.

Looking for additional accessories? We have anchors, tow bridles, buoys, and more to properly install and maintain your containment boom for improved performance and longevity. Browse our Marine Accessories to find the right deployment and anchoring system for your location and deployment. Call to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Calm Water Boom Barrier Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your site conditions, a floating debris boom can facilitate all sorts of containment. For calm water locations, a calm water boom barrier can control aquatic plants, trash, debris, and unwanted pieces of litter. The applications for the debris barrier for calm water don't stop there. Great for retention ponds that have limited water action and for golf courses to control golf balls in water.

When invasive plants and floating aquatic weeds threaten your containment area, you need the right debris barrier system to fit your needs. For calm water locations like a pond, a calm water boom barrier will control aquatic plants and contain them so you can gather and dispose of them.