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Over the Drain Debris Filter

Over Grate Storm Drain Guard Protection

The Stormwater Ultra grate Guard Plus is an over the drain debris filter made of woven polypropylene and designed to be installed on top of storm drain grates. Storm drain filters capture sediment, debris, and other contaminants from stormwater runoff. The Ultra Grate Guard Plus provides storm drain protection without the hassle of having to move the grate. The standard model of Ultra Grate Guard slips over the storm drain grate itself.

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Over the Drain Debris Filter Features

  • Woven Polypropylene
  • Overflow Ports
  • Models of Drains up to 48"x59"

Over the Drain Debris Filter Benefits

  • Installs Over the Drain Grate
  • Durable, Rust-Resistant Fabric
  • Suitable for A Variety of Drains

Storm Drain Guard Details

The storm drain guard is a one-size-fits-most over the drain debris filter. Constructed with rugged polymer components that won't rust or corrode, the Ultra Grate Guard Plus will be able to withstand harsh outdoor elements. The outdoor drain filter is 2 lbs. The inclusive design of the storm drain guard allows drains of sizes up to 48"x 59" to be protected from sediment. The over the drain debris filter provides storm drain protection that doesn't require you to remove the stormwater drain grates in the process. With a permeable design, the over the drain sediment filter will capture sediment, silt, and other debris before it enters the storm drain. The lifespan of the storm drain guard will be dependent on the site conditions you are currently experiencing.

If you're looking for a storm drain product that completely closes off a drain in the event of a spill or leak, then you'll want to see our line of Ultra Drain Seals that offer a protective seal. We carry the Ultra Drain Seal Standard Model (in circular, square, and rectangular models), the Ultra Drain Seal Plus, which is made to stand up to hard outdoor conditions, and the Clear Model of Ultra Drain Seal.

Ultratech Ultra Grate Guard Plus Specifications

Part Number Ultratech 9130
Weight 2.0 lb.
(1.0 kg)
Fits Grates Up To 48 in. x 59 in. (1,220 mm x 1,499 mm)

Ultratech Ultra Reusable Drain Guard Material Specifications (Woven Geotextile)

Properties ASTM Test Value
AOS (U.S. Sieve) D 4751 20 sieve
Permeability D 4491 .49 cm/ sec
Permittivity D 4491 473 sec-1
Flow Rate D 4491 695 gal/min/ft2
Mullen Burst D 3786 542 psi
Puncture D 4833 104 lbs.
Tensile MD D 4632 237 lbs.
Tensile CD D 4632 255 lbs.
Trapezoid Tear D 4533 115 lbs.

Material: Woven Polypropylene Geotextile

Over the Drain Sediment Filter Installation

One of the benefits of the over the drain sediment filter is its easy installation process. The Ultra Grate Guard Plus comes with included hardware for installation and does not require you to remove the stormwater drain grates to install it. The step-by-step instructions are as follows.

First, when installing the over the drain debris filter, insert the foam holding blocks into each corner of the grate and around its perimeter. There should be six inserted foam holding blocks in total. Next, unroll the Ultra Grate Guard Plus and place it over the stormwater drain grates. Make sure the storm drain guard emergency overflow port is aligned with the grate openings. Once the over the drain sediment filter is in position, cut away the excess material so that the storm drain guard is slightly larger than the grate itself. After the excess storm drain guard polymer material is cut away, place the holding pads over the places where the already inserted holding blocks were inserted into the grate. Use U-pins to attach the holding pads to the holding blocks and polymer storm drain guard.

We also carry a variety of other stormwater catch basin filter. The models we carry vary from the Ultra Drain Guard Recycled Model to the Ultra Drain Guard High Capacity Model to the Adjustable Model of Ultra Drain Guard to more options. For a full list, see our Catch Basin Filter Options page.

Storm Drain Guard Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultra Grate Guard Plus is made from durable polypropylene fabric designed to filter sediment, debris, sand, dirt, and trash. Because it is an over the drain debris filter, it will be exposed to vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic, and the outdoor elements. Because of the material that this outdoor drain filter is made of, it cannot absorb oil or hydrocarbons. For applications in storm drain protection that require oil and hydrocarbon absorption, you might consider using an Ultra-Inlet Guard or curb inlet filter.

Some of the many benefits of a heavy duty over the grate debris filter include simple installation, low cost, and durability. The outdoor drain filter easily installs over the storm drain without having to remove the stormwater drain grates. The Ultra Grate Guard Plus provides reliable, durable protection with durable polymer material. It is made with built-in overflow ports in case of flooding the streets.

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