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Archaea Stormwater Treatment Filters

Ultra Drain Guard Archaea Model

The Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard provides extra protection for he oil-based pollutants that inevitably will make their way past the storm drain guard and into the waters of a drain. The stormwater treatment filter captures silt and sediment and filters oil and hydrocarbons. But that's not all. Attached to the bottom of the bag is an Ultra Archaea Boom, which has oil eating microbes capable of consuming hydrocarbons present in the water, leaving behind harmless eco-friendly byproducts. For more information on Catch Basin Filters, contact us.

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Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard Features

  • Oil Filtering and Sediment Capturing
  • Oil-Eating Microbe Floating Boom
  • Archaea Boom on 4' Tether

Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard Benefits

  • Begins Working Immediately When Activated by Water and Food Source
  • Leaves Behind Harmless, Natural Byproducts
  • Extra Layer of Defense Against Contaminants in Stormwater Runoff

Archaea Boom Stormwater Treatment Filter Details

The Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard has all the standard features from the base model (the an Ultratech storm drain guard), but with a few important extras. The drain guard captures silt and sediment, and also filters oil and hydrocarbons. The biggest difference lies in the added Archaea boom. The Ultra Archaea (originally called Ultra-Microbe) Boom is attached to the bottom of the stormwater filter through a 4' tether that is secured to a grommet at the bottom of the bag. When the stormwater filter is placed in the drain, the boom will drop into any existing water below. The Ultra-Archaea is activated by oxygen, water, and a food source (hydrocarbons such as oil or gas). Typically, the microbes have a lifespan of 3 months. Depending on the type and amount of pollutants in the water, remediation times could vary. Ultra-Archaea is environmentally safe to use and is non-toxic.

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Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard Specs

Part Number Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Notes
Ultratech 9800 48 x 36 x 18 (1219.2 x 914.4 x 457.2) 2 (.9) Microbe Boom Dimensions in (mm) - 6 x 4 x 1 (152 x 102 x 25)

Non-woven, Polypropylene Geotextile Material Specifications

Properties ASTM Test Value
Grab Tensile D 4632 205 lbs
Elongation D 4632 50%
Trapezoid Tear D 4533 85 lbs
Puncture D 4833 525 lbs
CBR Puncture D 6241 600 lbs
Mullen Burst D 3786 420 psi
Permittivity D 4491 1.4 sec-1
A.O.S. (U.S. sieve no.) / Microns D 4751 80 / 180
UV Stability (strength retained %) 500 hrs D 4355 70%
Fabric Weight (oz/yd2) (typical) D 5261 8 oz/yd2
Flow (through material)
Flow (bypass ports gpm) *
Flow (bypass ports cfs) *
D 4491 90 gpm/ft2
770 gpm
1.7 cfs

* Larger bypass flow rate designs are available

Catch Basin for Treating Stormwater and Other Applications

In areas with heavy amounts of stormwater pollution and stormwater runoff containing oils and hydrocarbons, you will need the Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard. The oil eating microbes on the floating boom will consume any oils and hydrocarbons that make their way into the water. This drain guard will be helpful in parking lot water runoff, capturing the oil and other pollutants that leak from cars and trucks. Construction sites dealing with high amounts of stormwater runoff will benefit from this stormwater treatment filter.

Other places this particular catch basin insert would help treating stormwater would be with storm drains near auto repair shops, gas stations, stoplights or intersections where automobiles idle, parking lots, and car wash facilities. All of these places experience a high amount of contaminants in stormwater runoff.

Archaea Model Ultra Drain Guard FAQs

For the Ultra-Archaea to be activated, it will need oxygen, water, and a food source (hydrocarbons). Once activated, the oil-eating microbes will begin consuming the hydrocarbons in the water. Remediation will depend on the amount of oil in the water and the type of pollutant present in the stormwater. Lighter floating fuels typically take a few hours to be removed while heavy fuels in soil could take weeks. Ultra-Archaea is environmentally safe to use and is non-toxic. The typical lifespan of Ultra-Archaea is around three months.

The Ultra-Archaea Drain Guard is unique among the drain guards in its oil-eating microbes. However, we carry other Ultra-Archaea products that could be helpful to you. For example, we carry: Ultra-Archaea Booms, Ultra-Archaea Tablets, Ultra-Archaea Bulk Bags, Ultra-Archaea Water Soluble Packets, and other products. Call us at [phone number] to speak to a product specialist. If you're interested in oil filtering storm drain guards, please visit our storm drain guard overview page.

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