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Gravel Bags

Stormwater BMP Filtration

Gravel bags are cost-effective solutions for stormwater management that can be placed in strategic locations around your work area or city storm drains. To avoid silt and sediment pollution, gravel bags or other storm drain filtration devices are a SWPPP requirement. Storm drain blockers come in a roll style design and help keep you in compliance with EPA requirements. With their high resistance to sun exposure, gravel bags will be a reliable stormwater BMP for your jobsite.

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Gravel Bags Features

  • Polymer Material
  • Woven Design
  • High UV Rating

Gravel Bags Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Resistance to Seam Opening
  • Multi-Year Life Outside

Gravel Bags Product Details

Equipped to hold as little or as much gravel as needed for your location, gravel bags can be placed in strategic locations to help with filtration. Gravel bags are made from woven polymer material and come in different colors that are high or low visibility depending on your site's stormwater management requirements.

The flow rate for a gravel bag will depend on how much gravel is in one bag. The gravel bag material itself will have a flow rate of 145 gal/min per sq. ft. of material. Once you determine how much gravel will go in your gravel bag, you can better determine a more accurate flow rate for your site. As a note, our gravel bags are shipped empty, but we can help you figure out how much gravel you might need. Simply call our knowledgeable team at 863-261-8388.

Ultratech Ultra Gravel Bags Specifications

Part # Model Color Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg) Quantity
9780 Individual Orange 28 x 19 x 0 (711.2 x 482.6 x 0) 60 (27.2) 250 bags per box
9781 Roll Form Orange 19" x 250 yards (483 mm x 228.5 m) 75 (34) One (1) continuous roll
9782 Individual Green 48 x 11 x 0 (1219.2 x 279.4 x 0) 60 (27.2) 250 bags per box
9784 Roll Form Green (2) rolls 11" x 250 yards each (280 mm x 228.5 m) 80 (36.3) Two (2) continuous rolls

Gravel Bags Durable Construction

The industry size gravel bag allows it to be filled with gravel to your exact specifications. Gravel bags can be filled with as much gravel as your project requires. You don't have to worry about gravel bags failing due to opening seams or edges. Our storm drain blockers are woven into shape so there's no worry about them opening.

Gravel Bags Frequently Asked Questions

Gravel bags meet regulations for stormwater management and can be used outdoors for long, extended periods of time because of their high UV rating. Other stormwater BMP filtration bags and storm drain blockers might not be able to withstand the rugged requirements that a work site might have. Our gravel bags are durable and can be driven over.

The gravel bags arrive empty to keep down freight and shipping costs for you. Simply fill them with your own gravel upon arrival, or store all or some of them empty until you are ready to fill the gravel bags.