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Plastic Pellet Railcar Spill Containment

Ultra Pellet Pan

The Ultra Pellet Pan is railcar spill containment that’s made to catch plastic pellet spills (also known as pre-production pellets, or nurdles). With the potential harmful environmental impact and with so many regulations governing plastic pellet transport, it’s important to keep your location in compliance. The Ultra Pellet Pan will do that. Chose between 2 models, our regular model, or the composite model for your plastic pellet railcar spill containment protection.

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Ultra Pellet Pan Features:

  • Built-in drains let water flow out
  • Captures pellets of 1mm diameter or larger
  • 5 Year Warranty

Ultra Pellet Pan Benefits:

  • Easy to install, no excavation needed
  • Avoid fines by staying in compliance

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Plastic Pellet Railcar Spill Containment

The Ultra Pellet Pans feature 20 foot containment pans that provide a large target for resin spills. The pans feature built in drains that let water escape while still capturing the pellets. The drains are built so that they will not clog. The modular components let you build your containment area to nearly any size you need.

See below for Ultra Track Pan and Pellet Pan Videos

Ultra Pellet Pan Specifications

Part # Model Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 7560Center Pan w/ Grates53.5 x 53.5 x 6 (1358.9 x 1358.9 x 152.4)112 (51)
Ultratech 7562Side Pan w/ Grates53.5 x 27.5 x 6 (1358.9 x 698.5 x 152.4)58 (26)
Ultratech 7570Pellet Deflector, 5-pack16 x 48 (406 x 1219)5 (2.27)


Ultra Pellet Pan Composite Model

Part # Model Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 7246Center Pan255 x 36 x 4.5 (6477 x 914.4 x 114.3) 177 (80)
Ultratech 7247Side Pan255 x 36 x 4.5 (6477 x 914.4 x 114.3) 100 (45)
Ultratech 7570Pellet Deflector, 5-pack16 x 48 (406 x 1219)5 (2.27)

Plastic Railcar Spill Containment Installation

See: Installation Instructions (pdf).

Plastic pellets are estimated to be the second largest direct source of microplastic pollution to the ocean by weight. Billions of plastic pellets are swept into waterways by stormwater events. Aquatic life often mistakes the pellets for food and ingests them, causing trouble breathing, swallowing, and digesting.  Stormwater regulations, among others, protect the pollution of these waterways, including plastic pellet pollution. Operation Clean Sweep is a great resource, sponsored by the Plastics Industry Association and the American Chemistry Council.

IMPORTANT: The Ultra-Pellet Pan will not contain liquids of any kind! For railcar spill containment that will contain liquids, please see below.

Other Railroad Spill Containment Options:

Learn more your options: Railroad Spill Containment Options (pdf).

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Ultratech Pellet Pan FAQs

Yes. Ultra-Pellet Pans are designed for a long-term installation, but they can be removed to clean or to place in a different location, if necessary.

No, water will drain regardless of the amount of pellets that are contained.

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