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Non Woven Filter Fabric

3.5 oz Geotextile Non Woven Filter Fabric

3.5 oz non woven filter fabric is a lightweight geotextile fabric with excellent filtration and flow properties. Use non woven filter fabric rolls to control erosion, for road or driveway projects, for underlayment in construction, and for drain protection and filtration.

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3.5 oz Non Woven Filter Fabric Features

  • 2 sec-1 permittivity rating
  • 150 gpm/ft² flow rating
  • 50 US Sieve rating

3.5 oz Non Woven Filter Fabric Benefits

  • High flow rate
  • Good filtration properties
  • Lightweight and economical

3.5 oz Non Woven Filter Fabric Details

Geotextile non woven filter fabric rolls are made from virgin polypropylene fibers, then punched with barbed needles to create the geotextile's felt like texture and filtration properties. Non woven filter fabric is not biodegradable and will last indefinitely once installed underground. Additionally, it is UV resistant, pH stabilized, resistant to rodents and insects, and will not rot or mildew. With a 150 gpm/ft flow rating, it can withstand high flow projects with ease. Geotextile non woven filter fabric is well suited for jobs needing 2 sec-1 permittivity and an apparent sieve opening of 50 US Sieve.

Filter Fabric Roll Sizes: Sold by the roll or by the pallet:

  • 12.5' W x 360' L (4,500 ft²) | 3.8m W x 109.7m L
  • 15' W x 360' L (5,400 ft²) | 4.6m W x 109.7m L

3.5 oz Geotextile Non Woven Filter Fabric Roll Specifications

Property Minimum Average (Roll) Test Method
Grab Tensile 90 lbs | .401 kN ASTM D-4632
Grab Elongation 50% ASTM D-4632
Trapezoidal Tear 40 lbs | .178 kN ASTM D-4333
UV Resistance 70%/500 hrs ASTM D-4355
Permittivity 2 sec-1 ASTM D-4491
Flow Rate 150 gpm/ft² | 6095 l/min/m² ASTM D-4491
AOS 50 US Sieve | .30 mn ASTM D-4751

*Unless otherwise noted these specifications are based on testing conducted at the time of manufacturing. For more information on our non woven filter fabric specifications, see our light weight non woven filter fabric specifications .

Mirafi® MSCAPE Geotech Filter Fabric

We also offer our Mscape nonwoven filter fabric. This geotech filter fabric is the perfect choice for soil separation and drainage for lighter landscape projects. Mirafi® Mscape inhibits existing weed growth and suppresses any new weed growth. Our filter fabric is designed to withstand environmental problems found in a variety of applications. Easily cut to fit any shape you need with household scissors, Mirafi® Mscape takes the frustration out of installation. Visit our Mirafi® Mscape page for more information.

We offer a variety of weights and tensile strengths of Mirafi® nonwoven geotextiles. Have questions about our Mirafi® nonwoven filter fabrics? Check out our Mirafi® product page.

3.5 oz Non Woven Filter Fabric Applications

As one of four lightweight geotextile non woven filter fabric options, 3.5 oz accommodates a remarkably high flow rate while still providing good filtration and erosion control results. Truly a multi-purpose solution, non woven filter fabric rolls are often ordered in bulk as a convenient way to keep a ready supply on hand at the best pricing available.

Choose the type of geotextile non woven filter fabric needed based on the specific project requirements. Geotextile non woven fabric is available in light weight (3.1, 3.5, 4, 5 oz), medium weight (6, 8 oz), and heavy weight (10, 12 and 16 oz) options.

Use 3.5 oz geotextile non woven filter fabric rolls for:

  • Bank Stabilization: Sustains unstable banks, adding support to soil and sediment
  • Erosion and sediment control: With strong soil retention, protects slopes and banks from the effects of erosion
  • Underlayment: Non woven filter fabric as underlayment for road construction will reinforce soil on jobsites. Using tear resistant geotextile non woven filter fabric as an underlayment will prolong the life of your driveway or road.
  • Filtration/Drainage: Stormwater passes through while sediment and debris is retained
  • Soil stabilization: Sloping location with poor soil quality are given strength

Other Geotextile Woven Fabric:

3.5 oz Non Woven Filter Fabric Installation Instructions

For use as a guide, general non woven filter fabric installation instructions are listed below. When available, it is best to use specific instructions designed for your project's unique conditions and environment.

  • First, remove anything on the surface of the ground that could impede the non woven filter fabric. This can include rocks, debris, stumps and sharp objects that could damage the geotextile non woven filter fabric.

  • Once all debris is removed, you should smooth the install area, leveling it.

  • Placement pattern of each filter fabric roll will depend on the project plan.

  • Secure the non woven filter fabric with staples, overlapping the edges of 12-18". Pay special attention to the overlapping edges.

  • Geotextile non woven filter fabric will require a backfill over the fabric of at least 6".

Need more information on our biodegradable erosion control solutions? See our Erosion Control Line Card.

For assistance with interpreting site-specific plans and in identifying the right non woven filter fabric weight for the project, please Contact Us.

Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric Frequently Asked Questions

Lightweight non woven filter fabrics have high flow-through rates, which make them great for drainage and filtration projects. Even though they are light weight, 3.5 oz. non woven filter fabric will still provide some soil stabilization while filtering.

Our geotextile non woven filter fabric is UV stabilized and pH stabilized. Additionally, our non woven filter fabric is rot resistant and biological degradation resistant. When embarking on a new project with non woven filter fabric, let us know your requirements, so we can best help you. Give us a call at 863-261-8388.

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