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Wire Backed Silt Fence

Silt Fence with Wire-Backing: Strength & Stability

Wire Back Silt Fence is a strong erosion control fence designed for project sites with demanding environmental conditions that make erosion control more challenging. Wire backed silt fencing marries durable geotextile filter fabric with a sturdy wire fencing for the best of both in one very durable product. Priced by the pallet-load.

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Wire Backed Silt Fencing Details

Below you will find our standared choices for wire backed silt fencing. However, additional options may be available, so please ask!

  • Welded Wire 12.5 awg 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 awg 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 awg 4x4
  • 12.5 DOT Field Wire
  • 14.5 Field Wire
  • 14.5 DOT Field Wire

Use of a wire back silt fence can help to slow flow rates, filter stormwater runoff, and also can reduce the effects of wind erosion. If you have project specific questions or need information on how to install a wire backed silt fence, please give our sales team a call.


Wire backed silt barriers are available in a 70 or 100 gram fabric and include several field wire and welded wire options. Orders are typically sold in bulk by the pallet. Minimum order requirements may apply. Standard Silt Fencing, Pre-Staked Silt Fencing, and Turbidity Fencing are also available options.

Typical Wire Backed Silt Fence Specifications

Roll Size Fabric Wire
3' x 330' 70 gram 14.5 AWG Field Wire
3' x 110' 70 gram 14.5 AWG Field Wire
3' x 330' 100 gram 12.5 AWG Field Wire
3' x 110' 70 gram 12.5 AWG Field Wire
3' x 100' 70 gram 14.5 AWG 2x4 Welded Wire
3' x 100' 100 gram 14.5 AWG 2x4 Welded Wire

Note: Wire backed fencing comes in quantities of five.

Silt Fencing Applications

When to use a Staked Silt Barrier: Staked Silt Barriers are unique in that they use impermeable fabrics rather than a filter fabric. These barriers should be used in areas with high sheet flows or in areas where significant amounts of water runoff needs to be redirected rather than filtered. Meeting the requirements of multiple locations, silt fencing is also available in several other models including:

Each of these options is designed to meet the requirements of different construction sites and sediment build-up locations.

Silt Fencing Frequently Asked Questions

When you are installing a wire backed silt fence, excavating the bottom of the fence will be imperative. To create a backfill along the bottom of the fence, excavate at least 6 inches from the bottom of the fence. This will help to stabilize the fence when dealing with stormwater runoff. The wire mesh behind the filter fabric of the wire backed silt fence will add reinforcement, increasing the effectiveness of the fence.

Wire backed silt fencing is typically used on construction sites and areas that need to contain stormwater runoff. These areas are usually ones with a relatively small drainage area. The drainage areas should not be more than ¼ acre per 100 feet of fence length.