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Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric

10 oz. Geotextile Fabric for Sale

With excellent strength and filtration properties, the 10 oz. non woven geotextile filter fabric is one of the strongest geotextiles available with a 250 lbs. grab tensile strength. While 10 oz. geo filter fabric is as strong as many non woven geotextiles, the needle-punched fabric has the extra benefit of adding high flow filtration properties.

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10 oz. Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric Features

  • Grab tensile rating of 250 lbs.
  • 700 lb. puncture resistance rating
  • Flow rating of 80 gpm/ft²

10 oz. Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric Benefits

  • Superior strength
  • High level of filtration
  • Rot resistant and long lasting

Non-Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric (10 oz.) Details

The 10 oz. Non woven geotextile filter fabric is a durable and tough filter fabric. Of the three different weight classes, the 10 oz. non woven geotextile fabric is classified as heavy weight. It is made from polypropylene fibers that are needle punched in a random 3-D pattern, making them highly water permeable. This geo fabric is a cost-effective solution for stabilizing constructions sites and for filtration. The 10 oz. non woven geotextile fabric is UV and rot resistant. It withstands exposure to naturally occurring chemicals, is pH stable, provides a high level of filtration, and is equally as strong as woven filter fabrics. The needle punched fabric provides effective filtration, with a sieve of 100, permittivity rating of 1.2 sec-1, and a flow rate of 80 gpm/ft². This heavy weight non woven geotextile filter fabric is used for slope stabilization, aggregate separation, erosion control, and as a protective cushion and liner for geomembrane in retention ponds. For other geotextile fabric options, see; Geotextile Fabric Specifications Chart.

Roll Sizes (Sold by the roll or by the pallet):

  • 12.5' W x 360' L (4,500 ft²/roll) | 3.8m W x 109.7m L
  • 15' W x 300' L (4,500 ft²/roll) | 4.6m W x 91.4m L

10 oz. Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric Specifications

(Equivalent to Mirafi®1100N, Willacooche 1000N, Propex Geotex 1001, US Fabrics US 270NW, Carthage FX 100HS, Linq 250EX, Skaps GT 180)

Property Minimum Average (Roll) Test Method
Fabric Weight 10 oz/yd² | 339 g/m² ASTM D-5261
Grab Tensile 250 lbs | 1.11 kN ASTM D-4632
Grab Elongation 50% ASTM D-4632
CBR Puncture Strength 700 lbs | 317.5 kg ASTM D-6241
Trapezoidal Tear 40 lbs | .178 kN ASTM D-4333
UV Resistance 70%/500 hrs ASTM D-4355
Permittivity 1.2 sec-1 ASTM D-4491
Flow Rate 80 gmp/ft2 | 3251 l/min/m² ASTM D-4491
AOS 100 US sieve | .150 mn ASTM D-4751

*Unless otherwise noted these specifications are based on testing conducted at the time of manufacturing.

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Mirafi® N-Series Filter Fabric

One of the other stronger filter fabrics we offer is the Mirafi® N-Series polypropylene nonwoven geotextile. This nonwoven geo fabric easily conforms to ground or trench surfaces, including French drains, ensuring a problem free installation. The N-series’ high flow-through rate and durability makes it the perfect filter fabric for drainage, filtration, and soil separation applications.

You can be confident that your constructed, in-place drainage system will give an effective filter performance. Our Mirafi® geotextiles filter cloth eliminates the challenge of determining the aggregate gradation required to match soil conditions. Find out more about the Mirafi® N-Series or visit our Mirafi® Overview page to see all of our Mirafi® options.

Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric Applications

The 10 oz. non woven geotextile fabric is a heavy duty, high strength needle punched fabric with high filtration properties. Most commonly, it is used beneath dirt or paved roads for soil stabilization, wrapped around pipes for filtration, or used to provide a layer of filtration and separation between rock and soil. The 10 oz. geotextile fabric's tough composition makes it tear resistant and can withstand rugged conditions that lighter weight fabrics cannot. Additionally, with high elongation properties, the 10 oz. non woven geotextile filter fabric can easily flex to mold to the terrain.

Non woven geotextile filter fabric (10 oz.) is ideal for:

  • Aggregate Separation
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Reinforcing Soils
  • Erosion control and soil retention
  • Drainage
  • Rip Rap
  • Railroad Construction
  • Use as Protection for Geomembrane Liners in Retention Ponds
  • Lining Driveways
  • Sports Fields

Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric Installation

The instructions listed below provide a general installation guide for the 10 oz. non woven geotextile for drainage. If available, site and project specific installation instructions should take priority in the installation process.

  • Prepare the project area. Remove stumps, rocks, and other objects to prevent damage to the geotextile fabric.

  • Level the installment area so that it is as smooth as possible. Place the non woven geotextile fabric as indicated in the project plan. Leave an overlap of 12-18" at the edges.

  • Secure the fabric using staples. Make sure the edges and where the rolls overlap are well secured.

  • Backfill over the fabric to at least 6" depth. Poor ground soils may require a deeper backfill.

Need more information on our biodegradable erosion control solutions? See our Erosion Control Line Card.

For assistance with interpreting site-specific plans and in identifying the right nonwoven geotextile fabric weight for the project, please Contact Us.

Non Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the specifics of the project, but the 10 and 12 oz. non woven geotextile filter fabric is common for most average ballasts in railway construction projects. The 14 oz. geoxtextile fabric and 16 oz. geotextile fabrics are used for more rigorous site conditions. This is according to AREMA (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association).

The 10 oz. non woven geotextile fabric can be placed either above or below the membrane to protect a geomembrane liner from puncture in retention or detention ponds. Placed below the membrane, it protects it from being damaged by any rocks or objects in the soil bed. Placed above the membrane, the 10 oz. geotextile fabric protects the membrane from damage that can occur on its surface.

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