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River Bank Erosion

Erosion Control Products to Prevent Riverbank Erosion

Prevent Riverbank erosion, the wearing away of the banks and slopes along rivers or high current channels and streams. Being dynamic systems, rivers and streams are are constantly changing course and affecting the land that borders them. The right erosion control products will help you control riverbank erosion before it's too late.

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River bank Erosion

The Main Types of Riverbank Erosion

The two types of riverbank erosion are:

Bank Scour: Involves the removal of bank material by flowing water and carried sediment. Look for undercutting of the bank toe as a sign of scour and mass failure.

Mass Failure: Characterized by sections of the bank sliding or toppling into the stream. Look for bare and near-vertical banks as a sign of collapse.

The single most effective method of erosion control in rivers is restoring bank vegetation. Allowing the vegetation to colonize and establish a significant root system will strengthen the bank.

Riverbank Erosion

Additional Causes of Riverbank Erosion

Riverbank erosion has several additional possible causes. The most damage tends to be caused by flooding, land use, stream management, over-clearing of catchment and stream bank vegetation, and poorly managed sand and gravel extraction.

Factors That Accelerate Erosion:

  • Stream bed lowering or in fill
  • Flooding of bank soils followed by rapid drops in flow
  • Saturation of banks from off-stream source
  • Redirection and acceleration of flow within the channel
  • Poor Soil Drainage
  • Wave Action
  • Excessive Sand/Gravel Extraction
  • Intense Water from Rainfall

Erosion Control Products to Help Riverbank Erosion

Erosion control products help with stabilizing soil and slopes plagued by erosion. Controlling riverbank erosion not only retains soil but also reinforce the slope. If vegetation is no longer covering the bank, make sure the slope is safe, as it may be unstable until reinforced. Erosion control products like geotextiles and coconut coir products are preferred to reinforce surrounding soil, allowing vegetation and plants to take root. Because of their natural, biodegradable properties, coconut coir fibers, straw, and wood allow vegetation to take root, which effectively controls riverbank erosion well into the future.

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Erosion Control Geotextile Fabric Application

Soil Erosion Mats

Another common option for erosion control is one of our erosion control mats. These soil erosion mats are typically made from either a coconut coir fiber, straw, or wood fiber material that helps to stabilize the soil while naturally biodegrading over time.

Erosion Control Geotextile Fabric Application

For several of these applications, geotextiles are used to help with filtration, stabilization, separation and erosion control applications. They are often placed under rip rap, sea walls and other locations needing a firm and reliable foundation. Erosion Control Geotextile options include:

For assistance in selecting the best geotextile, see our geotextile specification chart, or call to speak with a geotextile specialist!Soil Erosion Mats

Coconut Coir Logs

Coconut coir fiber logs are another favorite for riverbank erosion control. These erosion control logs are built with coir materials that help to stabilize riverbanks or slopes. Coir Logs are extremely high in strength and often used in demanding applications.

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Coconut Coir Logs

Erosion Control Advantages of Natural Fiber Products

The advantages of using some of our natural fiber products are numerous. Due to their natural construction, these products are perfect for natural areas or locations where there is wildlife. Advantages have included:

  • Biodegradable (typically biodegrades over a period anywhere from 12 months to 6 years, depending on the product)
  • Natural Fibers (will not harm surrounding wildlife)
  • Allows for Seeding Before and After Installation
  • Helps in the Restoration of Vegetation

All-natural biodegradable fiber products can be found in the list below:

Synthetic Erosion Control Products

Synthetic Erosion Control Products

In addition to the natural fiber products, we also offer several synthetic fabrics that can aid in stabilization, filtration and separation applications. This will include:

Geotextile tubes are also used for beach erosion control, in shorelines that need stabilization from tides, wave and extreme wind.

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