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Mirafi® Filter Fabric

Mirafi® Geotextile

Mirafi® filter fabrics are used in a variety of ways in the environmental market, including separation, filtration, or protection applications. Mirafi® geotextile is important for liquids collection in waste containment systems. The S-Series is available in 6 oz. to 16 oz. weights, delivering exceptional strength and abrasion resistance.

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Mirafi® Filter Fabric Features

  • Polypropylene Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric
  • Available in 6 oz. to 16 oz. weights
  • Durable Construction and Design
  • Resistant to Tears and Punctures
  • Strength and Abrasion Resistant
  • Withstands Installation Stresses

Mirafi® Filter Fabric Benefits

  • Conforms to Ground or Trench Surface
  • Soil Separation, Filtration and Drainage Applications
  • UV Resistant
  • Effective Filter Performance
  • Chemically Stable in Aggressive Environment
  • Cost-Saving Alternative to Graded Aggregate Filters

Mirafi® Filter Fabric

Mirafi® S-Series filter fabric is ideal for Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Infrastructure projects. This polypropylene, nonwoven fabric prevents clogging in drainage collections and of collection pipes. These Mirafi® geotextiles easily conform to ground or trench surfaces, ensuring problem free installation. A high flow through and soil retention rate make the S series the perfect choice for civil engineering applications. Mirafi® geotextiles eliminate the difficulty of determining aggregate gradations that are required to match soil conditions, assuring your constructed in-place drainage system provides effective filtration.

Mirafi® Filter Fabric Specifications

Weight ASTM D5261 oz/yd2 (g/m2 ) 6 (203) 8 (271) 10 (339) 12 (407) 16 (542)
Thickness ASTM D5199 mils (mm) 80 (2.0) 90 (2.3) 115 (2.9) 130 (3.3) 175 (4.4)
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM D4632 lbs (N) 170 (757) 230 (1024) 270 (1202) 320 (1424) 425 (1891)
Grab Tensile Elongation ASTM D4632 % 50 50 50 50 50
Trapezoid Tear Strength lbs (N) % 70 (312) 95 (423) 105 (467) 125 (556) 155 (690)
CBR Puncture Strength ASTM D6241 lbs (N) 450 (2003) 600 (2670) 725 (3226) 900 (4005) 1200 (5340)
UV Resistance after 500 hrs. ASTM D4355 % strength 80 80 80 80 80

Mirafi® Filter Fabric Applications

Mirafi® filter fabric is effective in critical subsurface drainage systems, permanent erosion control, soil separation, and geo-membrane liner protection in landfills. This includes a liner barrier in fracking ponds, solid waste landfills, and other water management systems. Mirafi® geotextile is primarily for protection in Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Infrastructure projects. Because Mirafi® filter fabrics are heavyweight, they can help maintain an opening for gases to escape from below liner systems.

Other uses for nonwoven filter fabrics in landfill applications are:

  • Leachate Collection/Removal Systems
  • Gas Collection
  • Venting Systems

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Mirafi® Filter Fabric Installation Instructions

Use as a guide, general nonwoven Mirafi® S series filter fabric installation instructions are listed below. It is best to use specific instructions designed for your project's unique conditions and environment.

  1. First, remove anything that could damage the non woven filter fabric. The subsurface should be even and free of any debris.
  2. Adjacent panels should be overlapped, sewn or heat-seamed to prevent soil migration. Pay special attention to the overlapping edges!
  3. In case of windy conditions, outside edges of Mirafi® filter fabric is weighted down with sandbags or something comparable.
  4. Overlap requirements for S-Series should be specified by the project engineer or agency or follow the most current AASHTO M288 geotextile installation guidelines in the absence of specifications.
  5. Sandbags should remain in place until the adjacent Mirafi® filter fabric panel is fastened or until an overlying layer of material is in place.

Need more information on all of our Mirafi®nonwoven products? See our Mirafi®overview page. Looking for other erosion control solutions? See our Erosion Control Line Card.

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Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric Frequently Asked Questions

Mirafi® nonwoven geotextile fabric is a synthetic permeable fabric made by needle-punching the fibers during manufacture. This makes the fabric easily recognized by its felt-like appearance and texture. Non woven geotextiles are commonly used for filtration or separation in construction or erosion control projects.

Geotextiles are classified as either woven or nonwoven. As the name indicates, the main difference between the two products is how they are manufactured. Woven geotextiles are woven together with industrial looms in a consistently applied pattern. Nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured with a needle-punch process, using barbed staples to create a felt-like permeable fabric. Give us a call to find the right geotextile for you at 863-261-8388.

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