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Debris Net Boom

Permeable Debris Boom and Trash Boom

Our Debris Net Boom is a floating net barrier that keeps large pieces of trash and debris contained and controlled in your calm water location. If you need help excluding and controlling marine animals like jelly fish and other floating objects, use a floating marine net barrier for objects above and below the surface of the water.

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Marine Net Barrier Features

  • Permeable Net
  • Marine Grade Fabric Flotation
  • Lengths: 50' and 100'

Marine Net Barrier Benefits

  • Excludes Large Debris and Trash
  • Specific Containment Applications
  • Contains Above and Below the Surface

Debris Net Boom Details

The debris net boom will exclude large pieces of debris and marine trash in calm water locations. It is made of a flotation device and a permeable net that floats below the surface of the water. The marine grade heavy duty fabric holds the flotation device of the debris boom in place. Dimensions for the marine net barrier include 6" freeboard 12" skirt/draft, and 5/16" chain.

Debris Net Boom Barriers Specifications

Flotation Marine Grade w/ Heavy Duty Fabric
Freeboard 6"
Skirt / Draft 12"
Chain 5/16"
Standard Lengths 50'; 100'

Marine Net Barrier Applications

The permeable net of the marine net barrier is great for containment boom projects like excluding jelly fish and other marine life from locations, like beaches, intake generators at power plants, and around public locations and resorts. Jelly fish season can often be a nuisance for beachside resorts and restaurants. Being able to deflect and exclude these precious marine animals without harming them will be a win-win situation for you and the jelly fish. Debris net boom should be used in calm water locations with limited waves and wind for best results.

Debris Net Boom Frequently Asked Questions

The permeable nature of the trash net boom makes it different than a standard trash boom or debris boom. Because microplastics are so small, they will not be successfully contained by a debris net boom. For the successful containment of microplastics, you should install a Seabin trash skimmer.

The trash net boom is best used in calm water locations where wave and water activity is at a minimum. The trash boom's net and flotation device require that the location have still water so containment can be successful. If water conditions are more intense and currents are greater, you should consider using a debris boom for moving water.