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Curb Guard

Curb Inlet Protection and Filtration

The curb guard provides low-profile stormwater filtration and curb inlet protection that won't get in the way of streetsweepers or other traffic. When you need to keep oil, silt, and sediment out of your storm drain, using a curb drain guard will help you effectively reach your filtration goals.

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Curb Guard Features

  • Oil and Hydrocarbon Filtering Material
  • Two Spring-Loaded Tension Rods
  • For Storm Drains with Curb Inlets

Curb Guard Benefits

  • Absorbs Oils and Greases
  • Keeps Sediment Out of Storm Drains
  • Low-Profile Design

Curb Inlet Guard Details

The curb inlet guard is made from high-strength filtering material designed to filter both silt, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. Made with two heavy-duty spring-loaded tension rods, the curb guard installs flush against curb inlet, staying out of the way of street sweepers and pedestrians. Style dimensions for the curb inlet guard come in two types: 22"-35" curb inlet protection and 36"-60" curb inlet protection. The maximum hydrocarbon capacity for the curb guard is 1.6 gal/yd2 for the 36"-60" curb guard.

Ultratech Ultra Curb Drain Guard Specifications

Part Numbers Description
Ultratech 9760 Fits 22" - 35" Inlet (559 mm x 889 mm)
Ultratech 9761 Fits 36" - 60" Inlets (915 mm x 1524 mm)

*Replacement Filters Available

Curb Inlet Protection and Other Applications

Curb inlet protection is helpful for municipalities wanting to protect their water system and for construction sites needing to stay in compliance with stormwater runoff regulations in their area. The low-profile, versatile properties of the curb inlet guard make it a good water pollution solution for stormwater filtration and water table protection. With a curb drain guard you can prevent drain contamination while keeping pollutants from entering the curb inlet.

Curb Guard Frequently Asked Questions

The most compelling thing about the curb guard is its low-profile construction. The curb guard is meant to sit flush against the curb inlet, out of the way of pedestrians and street sweepers, as well as other maintenance endeavors. This low-profile design makes it a safer option for stormwater protection if used in an area with heavy traffic. Additionally, the curb guard's ability to filter both sediment and hydrocarbons make it exceptional at storm drain filter protection.

The filtering material that makes up the curb guard helps keep your site in compliance from, not only sediment and silt, but also grease and oils. The material that makes up the curb drain guard filters hydrocarbons faster than traditional absorbents, making it ideal for storm drain filtration.