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Containment Wall

Modular Spill Containment Wall

The Ultra containment wall, often called bunding, is a retaining wall system meant to provide a hard-walled spill containment area for large vessels prone to spills and leaks. Frac tanks, tanker trucks, and other large vehicles can be successfully contained within the modular spill containment wall. Want to know how modular spill containment walls work? See our video below for more information.

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Containment Wall Features

  • Wall Heights of 1-3 feet
  • Liner: 30 ml Textured Polyethylene Liner
  • Yellow Modular Wall Sections

Containment Wall Benefits

  • Large, Semi-Permanent Containment Areas
  • Versatile Set-up Shapes
  • Easily Disassembled and Reused

Modular Spill Containment Wall Details

Modular spill containment wall areas provide large, semi-permanent containment areas for leaking and spill-prone large vehicles and vessels. With each modular spill containment wall, sections and corners of the containment wall can be easily setup for spill containment. With wall heights of 1, 2, and 3 feet, this spill containment wall bunding provides versatile spill containment that can be disassembled and reused at different locations. The wall lengths sections of the spill containment system are 10', 8', and 6'. Containment wall bunding is not secured to the substrate, so it can be used in different locations. The heavy duty, 30 ml textured polyethylene liner provides an impermeable barrier to contain leaks and spills. This containment liner meets containment requirements for container storage regulation. Questions about our containment wall? Simply call our knowledgeable team at 1-863-261-8388.

For more information: Modular Containment Wall Product Flyer (pdf)

Ultratech Ultra Containment Wall Specs

Part number Wall Height Usable Dimensions ft. (m) Item Quantity Containment Capacity gal. (L) Shipping Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 8790 1 ft. (0.3 m) 10 x 49 x 1 (3.0 x 14.9 x 0.3) 12-Straight, 4-Corners, 1-Liner (16x55) 3,978 (15,058) 754 (342.0)
Ultratech 8791 1 ft. (0.3 m) 68 x 68 x 1 (20.7 x 20.7 x 0.3) 28-Straight, 4-Corners, 1-Liner (74x74) 34,802 (131,740) 2,066 (937.1)
Ultratech 8792 2 ft. (0.6 m) 16 x 55 x 2 (4.9 x 16.8 x 0.6) 18-Straight, 4-Corners, 1-Liner (27x66) 13,716 (51,921) 1,821 (826.0)
Ultratech 8793 2 ft. (0.6 m) 63 x 63 x 2 (19.2 x 19.2 x 0.6) 32-Straight, 4-Corners, 1-Liner (74x74) 60,089 (227,462) 3,450 (1,564.9)
Ultratech 8794 3 ft. (0.9 m) 11 x 55 x 3 (3.4 x 16.8 x 0.9) 24-Straight, 4-Corners, 1-Liner (27x71) 14,336 (54,268) 2,157 (978.4)
Ultratech 8795 3 ft. (0.9 m) 61 x 61 x 3 (18.6 x 18.6 x 0.9) 44-Straight, 4-Corners, 1-Liner (77x77) 83,582 (316,392) 3,958 (1,795.3)

Containment Wall Bunding Applications

Because the Ultra Containment Wall is not secured to the substrate when in use, it can be used in a variety of locations and applications. Some locations where the Ultra Containment Wall can be used include parking lots, construction sites, and industrial area facilities. The modular spill containment wall bunding can also be used on a variety of soil types like muddy soil, rocky, sandy, or even frozen soil. The tall wall height of the spill containment system provides higher containment capacity than other short-walled, temporary containment systems. The containment capacity for the spill containment wall system can go up to 83,582 gallons.

Spill Containment Wall Frequently Asked Questions

Liners for the spill containment system are made from 30 ml polyethylene textured liner that is held onto the modular spill containment wall system. These walls will be 1, 2, or 3 feet in height and will come in section lengths of 10', 8', or 6'. The liner will be held onto walls with 8-foot long clips. Liners are made from 12-feet wide rolls of materials. For your containment wall to work to the best of its ability, you will need extra, overlapping liner material on each side. For the 1-foot wall, 5 extra feet is recommended. For the 2-foot wall, 10 feet extra is recommended. For the 3-foot wall, 15 extra feet is recommended.

Because of the construction of the spill containment system, there is no drain installed with the Ultra Containment Wall.