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Trench Drain Filter Boom

Concrete Trench Drain Oil Boom

The Ultra Trench Filter Boom is designed to stop oil, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants from entering trench storm drains. Filtering pollutants from trench drains often presents a unique set of challenges. Because of their long, narrow shape, typical stormwater management products don't fit and offer little help. With the Ultra Trench Filter Boom, the water is filtered before it has a chance to reach the storm drain. Designed for easy installation, it is made from Ultra-Filter-Tex oil-absorbing material with a space in the middle for rebar to be inserted to hold the trench drain filter boom in place.

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Trench Drain Filter Boom Features

  • Made with Oil-Absorbing Ultra-Filter-Tex Material
  • Center Designed to Hold Rebar (Not Included) for Support
  • Hold 13 Times Its Weight in Liquid Hydrocarbons

Trench Drain Filter Boom Details

  • Extremely Durable – Withstands Vehicular Traffic
  • Simple, Effective Solution
  • Perfect for Car Washes, Garages, and More!

Trench Drain Filter Boom Details

The Ultra Trench Drain Filter Boom is the answer for trench storm drains that require stormwater filtration for clean water compliance. Because of its challenging shape, the trench drain makes fitting a storm drain guard difficult. With the trench drain filter, you can keep hydrocarbons out of storm drains before they even reach the drain's outlet. The Ultra Trench Filter Boom is made of oil-absorbing Ultra-Filter-Tex material with a space for rebar in the middle of the boom to hold it in place. The Ultra Trench Filter Boom will allow large amounts of water to be filtered while capturing oil and hydrocarbons. Each 96" length of Ultra Trench Boom will absorb 3.3 gallons of hydrocarbons. The rebar is not included with the Ultra Trench Filter Boom. The Ultra Trench Filter is also designed to withstand vehicular traffic.

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Ultra Trench Filter Boom Specs

Part Number Model Dimensions in. (mm) Absorption Capacity gal. (L) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 9703 Ultra-Trench Filter Boom 96 x 3 x 3 (2438.4 x 76.2 x 76.2) 3.3 (12.5) 1.6 (.7)

Ultra-Filter-Tex Material Specifications

Test Method Result
Mass Per Unit Area ASTM 5261 11.0 (341.16) oz/yd. (g/m)
Grab Tensile MD ASTM D-4632 118 (53.5) lbs (kg)
Grab Tensile TD ASTM D-4632 89 (40.4) lbs (kg)
Elongation at Peak MD ASTM D-4632 131 percent
Elongation at Peak TD ASTM D-4632 172 percent
Wide Width Tensile MD ASTM D-4595 33 (5.89) lbs/in (kg/cm)
Wide Width Tensile TD ASTM D-4595 23 (4.11) lbs/in (kg/cm)
Elongation at Break MD ASTM D-4595 110 percent
Elongation at Break TD ASTM D-4595 156 percent
Mullen Burst ASTM D-3786 214 (15) lbs/sq.in (kg/cm2)
Puncture Resistance ASTM D-4833 72 (32.7) lbs (kg)
Trapezoid Tear Strength MD ASTM D-4533 64 (29) lbs (kg)
Trapezoid Tear Strength TD ASTM D-4533 45 (20.4) lbs (kg)
Permittivity(Constant Head) ASTM D-4491 2.02 sec-1
Permeability ASTM D-4491 0.72 cm/sec
Flow Rate ASTM D-4491 151 (6152)gal/ft2/min. (l/m2/min.)
Apparent Opening Size /micron ASTM D-4751 100 140/150 microns U.S. Sieve
Hydrocarbon Capacity (nominal) 1.5 (6.79) gal/yd2 (l/m2 )

Concrete Trench Drain Oil Boom Applications

In areas with multiple trench drains, you will need the dependability and durability of the Ultra Trench Drain Filter Boom. In areas with stormwater runoff and flowing water with chemicals and hydrocarbons having a trench filter boom will be a life-saver to keep you in compliance. Different places that might experience this are car washes, auto mechanics, industrial facilities, or parking lots. The Ultra Trench Drain Boom will help you keep in compliance with Stormwater Management Regulation 40 CFR 122.26, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). Gas stations especially can stay in compliance with the concrete trench oil boom.

Ultra Trench Filter Boom FAQs

The rebar does not come with the Ultra Trench Filter Boom. The rebar is a suggested addition to keep the unit in place, but, as designed, the Ultra Trench Filter Boom will work with or without the rebar.

Because of the amazing oil-absorbing capacity of Ultra-Filter-Tex fabric, we use it in many of our stormwater filtration devices. Ultra-Filter-Tex removes oil and hydrocarbons much faster than other absorbents. For example, a polypropylene absorbent will not allow water to freely pass through it. Oil will eventually absorb at the surface but will eventually blind over and not absorb any more oil.

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