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Storm Drain Blockers

Storm Drain Seal Covers

Storm drain blockers offer an extended long-term spill protection for storm drains when leaks and spills occur. Made with a bottom layer of urethane and a top layer of reinforced polyethylene, these storm drain seal covers are longer-lasting than a standard drain seal.

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Storm Drain Blockers Features

  • Top Layer: Reinforced Polyethylene
  • Bottom Layer: Sealing Urethane
  • Models: Circular, Rectangular, Square

Storm Drain Blockers Benefits

  • UV Resistant
  • Handles Short-Term Vehice Exposure
  • Easy to Install and Maintain

Storm Drain Seal Covers Details

Storm drain seal covers are easy to use and deploy when leaks and spills threaten to contaminate your storm drain. Used in most locations, storm drain blockers offer durable drain protection because of the materials that make up this spill containment product. The top layer of the storm drain blocker is made of UV resistant, reinforced polyethylene, and the bottom layer is made of non-absorbing urethane. When choosing your storm drain blockers, consider the shape and size of your storm drain. It is recommended that your storm drain blockers are 6" larger than the outside of your storm drain grate.

Square Ultratech Ultra Drain Seals Plus Specifications

Part Number Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 2166 18 x 18 (458 x 458) 7.0 (3.0)
Ultratech 2167 24 x 24 (610 x 610) 15.0 (7.0)
Ultratech 2160 36 x 36 (915 x 915) 23.0 (10.5)
Ultratech 2161 42 x 42 (1067 x 1067) 27.0 (12.0)
Ultratech 2162 48 x 48 (1220 x 1220) 43.0 (19.5)
Ultratech 2163 54 x 54 (1372 x 1372) 53.0 (24.0)

Circular Ultratech Ultra Drain Seals Plus Specifications

Part Number Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 2174 12 dia. (305) 4.0 (2.0)
Ultratech 2175 20 dia. (508) 7.0 (3.0)
Ultratech 2176 30 dia. (762) 13.0 (6.0)
Ultratech 2177 42 dia. (1067) 26.0 (12.0)

Rectangular Ultratech Ultra Drain Seals Plus Specifications

Part Number Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 2164 18 x 58 (458 x 1474) 20.0 (9.0)
Ultratech 2165 36 x 58 (915 x 1474) 38.0 (17.0)

Storm Drain Covers for Spills and Other Applications

Storm drain seal covers offer protection wherever a storm drain could be affected by contaminated water and spills. Gas stations, car washes, tire shops, truck stops, fleet maintenance facilities and other locations that deal closely with drains and chemicals will benefit from several storm drain blockers on hand when spills occur. Storm drain blockers are reinforced for extended spill containment use outdoors. Additionally, these storm drain covers for spills can handle limited vehicular traffic on and around your worksite.

Storm Drain Blockers Frequently Asked Questions

Storm drain covers for spills can be kept in the plastic that it is shipped in. Storm drain blockers should not be stored touching itself as it will eventually fuse together. Additionally, truck mounts and wall mounts will successfully store storm drain blockers in a highly visible polyethylene tube for easy and fast access.

Caring for your storm drain covers for spills is incredibly easy. To reuse your storm drain blockers, check the stormwater bmp for degradation, then clean the storm drain seal covers with a soap and water mixture and allow it to air dry. Once the storm drain blockers are dry, they can be returned to its original packaging.