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Spring Berm

Silt Control Devices and BMP Supplies

The Ultra Spring Berm controls erosion in swales and ditches on your jobsite. The Ultra Erosion Guard to is a silt control device or erosion control product that controls and retains silt and sediment to limit the effects of erosion. The Ultra Erosion Guard tackles erosion in swales, ditches, and gullies.

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Spring Berm Features

  • Green Polyester Fabric
  • Black Polypropylene Skirt
  • Expandable Heavy Duty Steel Springs

Spring Berm Benefits

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Versatile Erosion Control
  • Lightweight and Compact for Storage or Transporting

Ultra Erosion Guard Details

The Ultra Erosion Guard is a lightweight, versatile check dam erosion control device meant to stop silt in places like swales, gullies, and ditches. A spring berm allows water the chance to slow down while filtering out sand and sediment. These lightweight silt control devices are made with a durable polypropylene green mesh that will retain silt. Heavy duty steel springs instantly expand when the spring berm is deployed. The durable polypropylene black skirt can be installed with dirt, rocks, or stakes. You can easily store these bmp supplies as they compress in on themselves when not in use.

Ultratech Ultra Erosion Guard Specifications

Part Number Ultratech 9820
Dimensions (Compressed Unit) 10" dia. x 5" (254 mm dia. x 127mm)
Dimensions (Expanded Unit) 10" dia. x 70" (254 mm dia. x 1,778 mm)
Dimensions Shipping per 6-Pack in. (mm) 12.5" x 13" x 20.5" (318 x 330 x 521 mm)
Weight 18.0 lbs. (8.0 kg)

Spring Berm Applications

The spring berm can be used in a variety of applications as swale check dams or silt control devices for gullies and ditches. Construction sites will often need check dam erosion control devices to act as perimeter erosion control, keeping silt and sediment onsite and not in storm drains. Silt control devices can act as silt control and erosion control for slopes and hillsides. When expanded, the spring berm is 70 inches long, and when compressed the spring berm is 5 inches long. If your application requires longer silt control devices, then you can connect the Ultra Erosion Guard with built-in clips. Installation for these bmp supplies are simple. The Ultra Erosion Guard will expand on itself. From there, place the spring berm and hold its skirt in place with rocks, dirt, or stakes.

Spring Berm Frequently Asked Questions

When compressed, the spring berm is 5 inches long. When expanded, the Ultra Erosion Guard is 70 inches. If your application requires longer silt control devices, you can use the built-in clips to attach each spring berm, creating custom length swale check dams.

Once you unbuckle the clips on the Ultra Erosion Guard it will expand on itself to its extended position. From there place the spring berm and skirt in place and use soil staples to secure the skirt to the ground. Anchor spacing will depend on site specific conditions. Like other bmp supplies and silt control devices, inspecting your spring berm on a regular basis will be required to ensure it continues to work properly. Checking on the Ultra Erosion Guard after major precipitation events and removing accumulated sediment is another spring berm maintenance must.