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Flood Bags

Sandless Flood Bags

Sandless Flood Bags deploy faster, with less effort, and a lot less mess than traditional sandbags. As crazy as it sounds, our favorite way to protect against flood damage is to add water... using Water-Filled Flood Bags! 

These sandless flood bags act as a quick dam flood barrier that inflates with water, expanding to form a sturdy, water-resistant barrier.  Fit cases of them in storage for fast access to emergency flood protection for your home or business! 

Get ready for flooding and hurricane season now!

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Sandless Flood Bags – Features

Sandless Flood Bags – Benefits

Specialized scrim-reinforced PVC material Installs quickly with only 2 or 3 people
    grade vinyl coated polyester No mess cleanup
Durable materials allow for multiple uses, enhancing cost-effectiveness Provides a robust seal against floodwaters.
Floatable fill caps and drain caps Customizable to fit diverse landscapes and urban environments.

Sandless Flood Bag Details

We offer sandless flood bags for a revolutionary improvement over traditional sandbags, providing a more efficient, cleaner, and easier method for flood protection. Unlike sandbags, which require labor-intensive filling, transportation, and placement, sandless flood bags are lightweight and easy to transport. They contain a base of woven polymer between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride that when inflates with water, it expands to form a sturdy, water-resistant barrier. This quick transformation allows for swift deployment in urgent situations, drastically reducing the preparation time and physical effort needed. Moreover, sandless flood bags are far less messy than sandbags, eliminating the need for sand spill cleanup after use. Sandless flood bags are stored flat. Their compact size when not activated makes them easy to store, providing an accessible solution for both households and communities. Environmentally friendly and reusable in many cases, sandless flood bags represent a sustainable choice, enhancing their appeal over traditional, often one-time-use sandbags. Flood control bags do not need to be filled with sand when you receive them. Additionally, a flood bag will maintain a consistent shape through their deployment as a flood barrier, unlike other flood control methods, which may lose their shape and slump during deployment.

Sandless Flood Bags Installation

Sandless Flood barriers drain portSandless Flood barriers fill portSetting up sandless flood bags is straightforward and quick, making them ideal for emergency flood response. Start by positioning the compact, lightweight bags along the perimeter where protection is needed, such as doorways, garages, or around the property boundary. Once in place, fill the bag with water using garden hose or other resources, expanding as the water filled to form a sturdy barrier. There is no need for filling with sand or heavy lifting, which allows for rapid deployment by individuals or community groups. Ensure that the fill ports are tightly seal afterwards. Once the flood threat has subsided, the bags can be drain out through the drain ports, collapsed, and stored for future use, providing a cost-effective and labor-saving solution for flood protection.

Flood Control Bags Downloads

For additional information please refer to the Instruction Manual (pdf)

Flood Bags Applications

Sandless Flood barriers Sandless flood bags can be used for different applications. Primarily they are designed to act as a check dam inflatable water dam against water damage and flooding. But the sandless flood bag doesn't just stop flood waters outside a home. It can be deployed for other liquid emergencies like leaking toilets, flooding basements, and other appliances inside the home that cause water damage. These flexible barriers are particularly useful in containing and diverting water away from specific areas, helping to prevent the spread of water and minimize damage.

You can use just about any water source to inflate our sandless bags. A standard garden hose is perfect for quick and straightforward inflation, but if you're looking for a super convenient, all-in-one solution for deploying your sandless flood bags, we also offer the Ultra Inflation Kit. This kit includes everything you need to quickly set up and inflate your flood bags, making it even easier to protect your property. Contact us for more information about purchasing the Ultra Inflation Kit with your sandless flood bags.

Flood Bags for Homes and Properties

Available in various sizes, sandless flood bagd are versatile enough to encircle homes, block specific entry points, or shield critical infrastructure, tailored to diverse residential and commercial needs. Constructed from durable materials like industrial-grade PVC or rubber, these bags are not only reusable but also withstand harsh conditions, offering a long-term, cost-effective alternative to traditional sandbags. Furthermore, their environmental impact is minimal, as they eliminate the need for sand filling, and the water used to fill the bag can be safely released back into the environment post-use. The ease of handling and safety features of inflatable flood bags also enhance community and household participation in flood defense efforts, making them an essential tool in flood-prone areas.

Flood Bags for Community

Sandless Flood barriers Flood bags play a crucial role in safeguarding not just individual homes but entire communities from the ravages of floodwaters. These versatile tools can be deployed quickly across various strategic points within a community, such as near waterways, around communal buildings, and along streets prone to flooding, to form robust barriers against rising waters. By doing so, they help prevent floodwaters from inundating communal areas, roads, and critical infrastructure, which is essential for maintaining access to emergency services and daily activities. Additionally, the ease of deployment and effectiveness of flood bags allow communities to implement proactive flood defense strategies, potentially reducing the overall impact of flooding. This community-wide approach not only protects physical properties but also supports the resilience of the local economy and safety, enhancing the collective ability to recover from flood events more swiftly and efficiently.

Flood Bags Frequently Asked Questions

The sizes ranging from 1-8 ft tall, and 25-100 ft in length, but we can also give customized bags. This makes a flood bag a great alternative to sandbags. Flood control bags will be activated with water and then set up in their appropriate places.

When preactivated, a sandless flood bags designed to be reused 15-20 times if it is kept in the same condition and bag. Once activated, a flood bag will last different amounts of time depending on the temperature of the environment it is being used in. In warmer, temperate climates, flood bags last for several months.

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