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Water-inflated Dams

Cofferdam is a temporary barrier that is constructed in a water environment to create a dry workspace for various underwater construction or repair activities. It is used to keep water out of a specific area, allowing workers to perform tasks such as building bridges, repairing underwater structures, installing or maintaining pipelines, or constructing foundations without being submerged.

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Cofferdam Features

  • Double-Layer Construction: where extra protection is needed, cofferdams with double-layer construction can provide an added layer of security against leaks.
  • Tensioned Membranes: cofferdams use tensioned fabrics or materials to create a watertight barrier, allowing for flexibility and adaptability.
  • Installation Process:installing cofferdam is fast and easy

Cofferdam Benefits

  • Safety: provide a safe and dry working environment for construction crews, minimizing the risks associated with underwater work
  • Buoyancy: they are buoyant when not filled with water, simplifying their positioning and installation.
  • Flexibility: they can be used for both temporary and permanent construction projects, making them a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

Cofferdam Details

Cofferdams are designed to withstand water pressure and can be used in a variety of marine and floodwater applications. They are usually removed after the flood, or construction or repair work is completed, leaving the site dry and accessible.

The Cofferdam designed for safeguarding assets will surpass your expectations in every aspect! They are user-friendly, can be reused up to 20 times, and offer a more cost-effective solution compared to a full-scale sandbag deployment. Additionally, the installation process is significantly less labor-intensive. To set it up, identify a potential flood zone at least 5 feet away from your structure and fill the Cofferdam with water. As floodwaters approach, the Cofferdam will automatically roll into place, providing stabilization against water intrusion. Secure your construction equipment, financial institution, or warehouse with the reliable Cofferdams available from One Clarion today!

Cofferdam Applications

The Cofferdam for dewatering proves to be an excellent choice for marine construction projects due to its cost and time efficiency compared to traditional steel sheet piles. Various applications, such as repairing docks, boat ramps, utility pipes, bridge replacements, and underwater concrete foundation repairs are possible with the cofferdam. Furthermore, the installation process is swift and straightforward. To initiate installation, simply remove the Cofferdam from its pallet, roll it onto dry land, and connect it to the provided pull loops using a crane or excavator to position it. Alternatively, you can opt for a manual approach by attaching a rope for floating it out. These Cofferdams remain buoyant until filled, simplifying their placement. Once filled with site water, they effortlessly settle into position.

Filter Sock Frequently Asked Questions

The cofferdams are simply unrolled, unfolded, and inflated with water. Our small cofferdams can be installed manually using 1-2 people while larger ones are best installed using a track hoe or a crane with a 5 man crew. For additional information please refer to the Instruction Manual or reach out to our team and we'll assist you.

The barriers are made using an engineered vinyl-coated polyester membrane with a scrim reinforcement for strength.

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