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Wall Mounted Spill Containment

'Grab-and-Go' Emergency Spill Response

Truck mounted and wall mounted spill containment vessels allow you to have Ultra Drain Seals at the ready in case of a spill at your facility. You can use this Truck or Wall Mounted Spill Containment to hold any of the Ultra Drain Seals in a location that's convenient for quick emergency access The grab-and-go wall mounted Storm Drain Spill Containment vessel is highly visible for rapid spill response and is easy to install.

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Wall Mounted Spill Containment Features

  • Made of Durable Polyethylene
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Quick-Release Strap for Easy Access

Wall Mounted Spill Containment Benefits

  • Fast Access for Spill Response
  • Add to Your DOT Spill Kit
  • High Visibility for Facilities

Truck & Wall Mount Details

You can have mounted spill containment in two basic formats: Truck Mounted or Wall Mounted. The Wall mounted spill containment vessel allows for fast facility spill response. Easy access is the main benefit for this rapid spill response device. By mounting the spill containment devices on the wall, where highly visible, you will be able to find them easily in a spill emergency. The Truck Mounted spill containment option installs easily on vehicles, to the undercarriage of trailers, or even to forklifts. In either model, the tethered fastener secures the end cap, which allows for easy access for the drain seal. For more information, please call us at 863-261-8388 or Contact Us.

Ultra Drain Seal Wall Mount Specs

Part Number Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 2140 30 x 7.5 x 7.5 (762 x 190.5 x 190.5)
Fits 18 x 18, 24 x 24, 18 x 58, 12 in. dia., and 20 in. dia. Drain Seals
4 (1.8)
Ultratech 2142 39 x 7 x 7 (990.6 x 177.8 x 177.8)
Fits 36 x 36, 36 x 58, and 30 in. dia. Drain Seals
6 (2.7)
Ultratech 2143 51 x 7 x 7 (1295.4 x 177.8 x 177.8)
Fits 42 x 42, 48 x 48, and 42 in. dia. Drain Seals>
8 (3.6)

Ultra Drain Seal Truck Mount Specs

Part Number Dimensions in. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
Ultratech 2145 27 x 7 x 7 (685.8 x 177.8 x 177.8)
Fits 18" x 18", 24" x 24", 18" x 58", 12" dia. and 20" dia. Drain Seals
9 (4.1)
Ultratech 2146 39 x 7 x 7 (990.6 x 177.8 x 177.8)
Fits 36" x 36", 36" x 58" and 30" dia. Drain Seals
11 (5)
Ultratech 2147 51 x 7 x 7 (1295.4 x 177.8 x 177.8)
Fits 42" x 42", 48" x 48" and 42" dia. Drain Seals
9 (4.1)

Rapid Spill Response and Other Applications

The best place to have your wall mounted spill containment device vessel is near to your most vulnerable drains on your jobsite or facility. A drain seal is not effective at all if it's buried in a storage closet or under a pile of other things. You need to have ready access to your emergency spill response devices. After all, an emergency won't wait for you to react, so you can't afford any delay. Whether you're dealing with hazmat emergency response or need a device to fit into your rapid spill response plan, you'll find reliability and easy access with this wall mounted spill containment. The wall mounted spill containment device holds drain seals for facility spill response. The truck mounted spill containment device is perfect for your DOT spill kit, and gives you mobile access to spill protection. This emergency spill response device will allow you to quickly remove and use the drain seal in the event of a spill or leak.

Wall Mounted Spill Containment FAQs

The wall mount and truck mount are made of durable polyethylene, so they will not rust or corrode over time. The wall mount and truck mount are both are a highly visible yellow color that is easily distinguished. For more information, give us a phone call. Our telephone number is 863-261-8388.

The truck mount and wall mount are for use with the Ultra Drain Seal and the Ultra Drain Seal Clear Model. The truck mount and wall mount are not compatible with the Ultra Drain Seal Plus Model.