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Decon Deck

Decontamination Shower Deck for Decon Station

The decon deck is used during a decontamination shower to elevate the contaminated equipment or responder above the washing area. It keeps employees safe from hazardous materials and pathogens in and around your facility. Decontamination decks used in a decontamination shower or decon station provide multiple washes and rinses for use by different people, as compared to using a decon pool. Need pricing on spill containment?

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Decon Deck Features

  • High density polyethylene material
  • Bladder attachment, spray wand, and hose
  • spill containment capacities up to 176 gallons

Decon Deck Benefits

  • Easy set up and storage
  • Multiple showers and rinses
  • Quickly transport from site to site

Decontamination Shower Spill Deck Details

Decon spill deck models vary depending on their application and capacity range. Our decon deck styles feature materials that are slip-resistant and made from rust and corrosion-resistant polyethylene. A durable decon station will also hold up against harsh chemicals and can be easily washed down themselves. The decon station deck models we offer include:

  • Tactical decon deck
  • Non-ambulatory decon deck
  • Hospital decon deck

When it comes to hazardous situations that need fast decontamination, a tactical decon deck will give you a quick, convenient way to attack hazardous decontamination situations at your facility. This decontamination shower deck comes with a sump and a 66-gallon bladder making the total capacity of this decon station 110 gallons. Having a reliable bladder with your spill deck will make disposing of hazardous materials very easy.

When the spread of contaminants is an issue, a non-ambulatory decon deck is the right tool for your decontamination needs. When the subject that needs to be decontaminated cannot stand, having a non-ambulatory decon station will allow you to safely accomplish decontamination. The elevated spill deck helps keep hazardous contaminants from other people. The spill deck and its bladder have a 99-gallon combined capacity.

When you need large decontamination tools, a hospital decon deck will be there to meet your needs. This decon station has a dual bladder system to give you almost an hour of continuous decontamination use. Because this decon deck is designed for continuous use for many people, the hospital decontamination shower comes with a privacy covering and shelter. This decon deck has a liquid capacity of around 176 gallons.

Tactical Ultratech Ultra Decon Deck Specifications

Part Number Ultratech 6000
Dimensions in. (mm) 52 x 56⅝ x 5¾ (1,321 x 1,438 x 146)
Weight 90.0 lbs (41.0 kg)
Containment Capacity 110 gallons (416 L)
Uniformly Distributed Weight 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg)

Non-Ambulatory Ultratech Ultra Decon Deck Specifications

Part Number Ultratech 6020
Dimensions in. (mm) 82½ x 27 7/8 x 5¾ (2,095 x 657 x 146)
Weight 71.0 lbs. (32.0 kg)
Containment Capacity 99 gallons (375 L)
Uniformly Distributed Weight 4,500 lbs. (2,041 kg)

Hospital Ultratech Ultra Decon Deck Specifications

Part Number Ultratech 6010
Dimensions in. (mm) 52 x 61¼ x 5¾ (1,321 x 1,556 x 146)
Weight 122.0 lbs. (55.0 kg)
Containment Capacity 176 gallons (666 L)
Uniformly Distributed Weight 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)

Decon Station Applications for Ultra Decontamination

If your facility often deals with serious decontamination situations, you need to keep a decon deck at your disposal to combat hazardous materials from hurting your employees and facility. With different accessories and tools, a decontamination shower can be outfitted to fit your exact needs. A carrying case will allow for quick and easy transport. The privacy shelter is a structure much like a tent that covers the decon deck when using it around a large group of people. Replacement tarps and bladders will come in handy when using your decon station frequently.

Decon Deck Frequently Asked Questions

A decon pool is a collapsible, pop up pool that can be used as a catch-all for spills and decontamination situations. The main difference between the two decontamination tools is that with a decon deck, hazardous materials can be washed off and flow directly into a contained bladder, away from people. With a decon pool, subjects would be standing in the materials as it is washed from them.

Having a bladder with your decon spill deck, or even multiple bladders, will greatly increase your spill deck capacity, allowing you to accomplish more decontamination with your decon deck. Bladders can only be used once to collect hazardous materials washed from a subject.